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Ariel Ellis

Meta-analysis on Paradoxical Leader Behavior

My co-authors and I are currently conducting a meta-analysis on the relationship of paradoxical leader behavior and diverse follower outcomes (for further information see

Please note that we are looking for all concepts fitting the definition (“seemingly competing, yet interrelated, behaviors to meet structural and follower demands simultaneously and over time”; Zhang et al., 2015, p. 538), including ambidextrous leadership and behavioral complexity of leaders.

We are looking for research that fits the following criteria:

  • German or English language text
  • Correlation coefficients (or other measurements which allow for the computation of a correlation coefficient) between
    • paradoxical leader behavior (or other concepts fitting the definition above; any measurement or manipulation)
    • and a follower outcome in terms of performance (e.g., task performance, OCB, creative and innovative performance/behavior) or well-being (e.g., job satisfaction, positive affect, work engagement, thriving at work, stress, burnout, anxiety, job tension, irritation, physical stress symptoms, sleep quality).

To gather as much relevant data as possible, we are looking for (unpublished) research on this subject, including conference presentations/posters, bachelor’s and master’s theses, dissertations, unpublished manuscripts, and work in progress/press.
We would greatly appreciate if you could send them to, latest by May 19th, 2023.

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