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Amber Stark

Submit Your SIOP Nominations by September 30

When you participate in the nominations and election process, you are shaping the future of SIOP. Nominations for the 2024-25 SIOP President-Elect, along with three Portfolio Officers are now open. The deadline for nominations is midnight ET on September 30.

Voting members are encouraged to submit nominations for the following Executive Board positions: 

  • President-Elect
  • Financial Officer/Secretary         
  • Diversity and Inclusion Officer  
  • Membership Services Officer     
  • Publications Officer

Nominations are an essential part of ensuring strong leadership for the future. SIOP elections are focused on positive and civil communication. Fairness and openness are greatly valued during this process. These fundamentals reflect and amplify the positive culture of I-O psychology as a profession.

All nominees must be Members, Retired Members, Fellows, or Retired Fellows in good standing, with their current dues paid. In accordance with Bylaws Article V. Section 3.d. and the Election Committee Procedure, current members of the Executive Board may not stand for office if their election would require them to vacate a currently elected position.

Roles and responsibilities for the open positions on the Executive Board are described in the SIOP Bylaws and the SIOP Officer Roles documents, which can be accessed through the Officer Roles policy on the SIOP Governance page.

If you are a Member, Retired Member, Fellow, or Retired Fellow, you may also submit your nominations on the Nominations page.

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