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Amber Stark

One Week Left to Register for Coaching to Accelerate the Development of Learning Agility

On Wednesday, February 21, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET, the SIOP Work Smart Series will host Coaching to Accelerate the Development of Learning Agility. Learning agility expert Veronica Schmidt Harvey and coaching expert Anna Marie Valerio will discuss how coaches and consultants can instruct their clients on learning agility behaviors and strategies in order to set them up for optimal success.

Organized around the heuristic Agile Learning Process and Behaviors Model, the workshop will provide an overview about the construct of learning agility and the role coaches can play in intentionally developing it, for themselves and in their clients. In addition to learning how to help clients develop learning agility more deliberately, registrants will also leave this workshop able to:

  • Describe how learning agility has been defined and its five core components.
  • Explain four reasons why learning agility is a critical capability for leaders.
  • Compare three primary approaches for assessing learning agility.
  • Identify four contextual factors relevant to the need for learning agility.
  • Describe the key components of the Agile Learning Process and Behaviors Model and explain how they can be incorporated into the coaching process.
  • Develop coaching questions that facilitate the development of learning agility.

Register now to take advantage of best practices for learning agility for both you and your clients.

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