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Amber Stark

Conference Career Center Offers Valuable Resources

During the registration process for the 2024 SIOP Annual Conference, we invite you to register for the Conference Career Center (CCC), which will provide a platform for job seekers to find roles for the next phase in their careers and for employers to find I-O psychology talent. The CCC is free for job seekers and includes tiered pricing options for employers.

New this year is the CCC Job Portal operated by YM Careers, which is available to all eligible CCC registrants. The CCC Job Portal offers a number of helpful tools for both job seekers and employers, in addition to the opportunity to post or search for jobs and upload or review resumes.

In addition to the CCC Job Portal, the programming will include:

  • An in-person Open House, which will provide a networking opportunity for job seekers and employers in a “job fair”-style event
  • Onsite interview space
  • A Mock Interview Program, which includes resume reviews, interview practice, and a feedback session
  • A Job Seeker Career Guide
  • Virtual events

Whether you are in the market for your next opportunity or you are an employer looking to hire, the Conference Career Center can help you in your search. We encourage you to register for the CCC during the conference registration process. If you have already registered for the conference, you can go back and indicate your interest in the CCC.

Please visit the CCC webpage for more information – and once you’ve registered for the CCC, don’t forget to log in to the CCC Job Portal to access valuable resources.

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