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I-O Career paths

Identify career options and plan your career as a current or aspiring I-O psychologist. Here you will find the main sectors in which I-O Psychologists work, career tracks, key competencies needed to succeed, and beneficial experiences. 

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Answers to common questions about pursuing an I-O career:

Career Path Q&A 

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i-o Internship

The SIOP I-O Internship pages attempt to classify and describe five “types” of internship experiences often sought by I-O psychology graduate students.   It is important to acknowledge that the activities that you engage in during your internship experience may (likely will) overlap with other types of internships experiences.

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Graduate training 

This database provides information about graduate-level training programs in Industrial and Organizational (I-O) Psychology. The database describes programs leading to a Ph.D. (or other doctoral-level) degree in Psychology Departments and in Business Schools, and programs leading to a terminal Master's degree.