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How to Find an I-O Psychologist to Speak to Your Class

Most people will spend more of their waking hours working than doing anything else, so the psychology of work and organizations should be a part of every introductory psychology course. The Getting I-O into Intro Textbooks (GIT SIOP) Task Force is making progress in our mission to have I-O psych addressed in psych textbooks and we even have a sample chapter and a free standalone mini-course to help fill the gap.  Sometimes, however, a text just isn't enough. Sometimes you need a real person to talk to your students. Reading about I-O psychology is one thing, but having an actual I-O talk about their research or their applied work can make the subject real in ways that a textbook can't. Fortunately, dozens of speakers are waiting to hear from you and finding them is dead simple. Read This Part if You're an Instructor To find an I-O psychologist to speak with your class, just go to the SIOP Advocacy Registry and conduct a search. There you'll find ...

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The Missing Chapter of Your Intro Psych Textbook is Right Here

It's true. Your introductory psychology textbook is missing a chapter. The one about work. If you're like most people, you'll spend more of your waking hours working than doing anything else. So the psychology of work and organizations should be in every intro psych textbook, right? But it's not. The Getting I-O into Intro Textbooks (GIT SIOP) Task Force is making progress on this, but the fact remains that most intro psych textbooks lack content on industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology. Fortunately, you've found the missing chapter. It's right here. It's free. It's Creative Commons licensed. It's ready to go. Read This Part If You're a Psych Instructor The Industrial-Organizational Psychology chapter is available in three formats: an illustrated and formatted standalone PDF, a text-only PDF, and a text-only Word document. The Creative Commons license means you can use it as-is, use parts of it, or even adapt it, as long as you give credit and link to ...

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Success as a Psychology Major

David Copeland, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and Principal Investigator at UNLV's Reasoning and Memory Lab. Dr. Copeland was inspired to co-author the book Success as a Psychology Major after "seeing how some students were reaching graduation and they weren’t prepared for their future. They didn’t know about options. They didn’t know the variety of areas they could pursue as psychology students and they didn’t take advantage of opportunity to prepare while in college." As the Undergraduate Director for psychology majors, Dr. Copeland also teaches a course called Introduction to the Psychology Major, which all UNLV psych majors take immediately after completing their Introduction to Psychology course. Dr. Copeland hopes similar courses will be offered at other colleges and universities. "You get a program like engineering or nursing, you know what the students going to ...

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If Only I Had Known Back Then!

I recently had a chance to speak with Sherif al-Qallawi, a Fulbright Scholarship recipient and Ph.D. candidate in I-O at Florida Tech. In the last ten years, Sherif has been a recruiter, an HR Generalist, a startup co-founder, and even worked in HR for the United Nations. As I listened to his story, it occured to me that he had been searching for something. When I asked him about this, here's what he had to say: "If I had known about I-O psychology as an undergraduate, I would have started studying it back then. I knew I was interested in developing employees and organizations—I just wasn't sure about the best way to go about that. I-O psychology provides a clear answer to that question. The problem is that most of us don't know about it." "This is where most of the mismatch happens," he continued. "We don't really know that there are such options out there. If we did, we might like them more than the options we know about now." When I asked She ...

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What's in a Name?

GIT SIOP has made the Educators' Resource Page easier to find, easier to remember, and easier to share. To reach the page, just go to Please share the new URL in-person and in your social media channels.

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