Would you like to get involved with GIT's efforts to educate more students about I-O Psychology?  Consider joining Bridge Builders!

What Is Bridge Builders?

Bridge Builders is a sub-committee of the Education and Training committee of SIOP.  The purpose of Bridge Builders to educate students at all levels from high school to college to graduate students (not in I-O) about what I-O Psychology is.  Our committee is newly (re)formed, and we have just started this work.  To read more about Bridge Builders, please see: 


The focus this year based on Dr. Talya Bauer’s charge is on high school psychology courses, and especially AP courses. We have started to brainstorm ideas on how to reach to these AP courses. In particular, there are two efforts being made:

Speaking at High Schools

We would like to develop a list of SIOP members (faculty and graduate students) that would be willing to give talks on the topic of I-O for high school Psychology classes. To facilitate that, we are planning on developing some standard materials such as powerpoints or handouts that will be available.  After the list is created, then we can start pairing up SIOP members with interested local high schools.

Identifying Dual Enrollment Programs

We also want to identify those universities that have a dual enrollment program or AP program, and reaching out to those instructors. Dual enrollment programs allow students to earn college-credit while in high school, by taking college-credit courses at local colleges/universities. These are based in agreements between the high school and a specific university. This should be easier for those universities that have an I-O program as well.

What Can You Do?

If you have ideas, want to be involved in the committee, or willing to reach out to high schools in your area – please feel free to contact The committee chair, Roni Reiter-Palmon, rreiter-palmon@unomaha.edu.  Specifically:

  • Would you like to be added to the list of potential speakers?  Let Roni know!
  • Would you like to help identifying dual enrollment programs?  Let Roni know!
  • Does your institution currently have a dual enrollment program?  Let Roni know!
  • Would you like to join the Bridge Builders committee and help decide the next steps?  Let Roni know!

What exactly is GIT?  Check out our first blog post explaining who we are!

Do you have any other thoughts on how SIOP members can be involved with GIT’s efforts?  We would love to hear from you!  If you have any questions, ideas, thoughts, or suggestions, please feel free to contact anyone from the task force!  This blog is maintained by Nick Salter nicholas.p.salter@hofstra.edu

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