This month's post comes to us from Clemente Diaz. In this post, he highlights two articles he recently wrote for the APA's Psych Learning Curve website addressing why Intro instructors should include I-O in their classes as well as the common barriers they face. Check it out, and feel free to reach out to him with any questions or thoughts!

As we all know, very few Introductory Psychology textbooks highlight I-O Psychology. To assist instructors in exposing their students to I-O, SIOP has developed a wide variety of teaching resources (sample syllabi, PowerPoints, content summaries, etc). Unfortunately, in some cases this isn’t enough to convince instructors to include I-O in their course(s). A recent survey I conducted showed that 43 percent of respondents weren’t interested in receiving free resources on how to incorporate I-O in to their course(s). When asked why not, one respondent stated “Currently we have access to materials if need be, it [I-O] just hasn’t been a major topic of interest”.

The next time you’re trying to convince a colleague to include I-O into their course(s) share the following APA Psych Learning Curve articles. The first article makes a case for why I-O should be included in Introductory Psychology. The second article addresses the common barriers instructors face (lack of time, lack of knowledge, and not in textbook/curriculum) when trying to include I-O into their course(s) as well as provides resources and practical tips on how to do so.

Why I-O Psychology Should Be Included In Introductory Psychology

Incorporating I-O Psychology Into Introductory Psychology

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