Nowadays, memes are a fun and popular way to communicate on the internet.  What happens when you mix memes with I-O Psychology?  You get I-O Psych Memes, the social media account unofficially run by San Diego State I-O!  Check them out (IOPsychMemes on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)!

The latest post is all about I-O Psych and Intro Psych, which is what GIT is all about:

What do you think?  Do you agree: should I-O Psych always be taught in Intro Psych??

What is the point of creating memes?  As account creator Lisa Kath said, "as much as it seems like creating a meme page is frivolous, I think educators should be aware of how they might really be effective ways of conveying information to our students."  Maybe we could all be incorporating memes into our classes - and maybe I-O Psych Memes in particular can be a good resource for Intro Psych students!

What exactly is GIT?  Check out our first blog post explaining who we are!

Do you have any other thoughts on how SIOP members can be involved with GIT’s efforts?  We would love to hear from you!  If you have any questions, ideas, thoughts, or suggestions, please feel free to contact anyone from the task force!  This blog is maintained by Nick Salter

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