Most people will spend more of their waking hours working than doing anything else, so the psychology of work and organizations should be a part of every introductory psychology course. The Getting I-O into Intro Textbooks (GIT SIOP) Task Force is making progress in our mission to have I-O psych addressed in psych textbooks and we even have a sample chapter and a free standalone mini-course to help fill the gap. 

Sometimes, however, a text just isn't enough. Sometimes you need a real person to talk to your students. Reading about I-O psychology is one thing, but having an actual I-O talk about their research or their applied work can make the subject real in ways that a textbook can't. Fortunately, dozens of speakers are waiting to hear from you and finding them is dead simple.

Read This Part if You're an Instructor

To find an I-O psychologist to speak with your class, just go to the SIOP Advocacy Registry and conduct a search. There you'll find the names, locations, and contact information for over 50 speakers who have volunteered to speak to classes like yours.

Read This Part if You're a SIOP Member

Signing up for the Advocacy Registry takes about five minutes. In addition to making yourself available to speak to high school or college classes, you can also volunteer to speak with journalists or government officials to advocate for our field. To get started, just watch this short instructional video.