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Update: "Why Isn't I-O in Intro" Wins Poster Award!

SIOP-GIT Blog readers might remember a previous post on two articles Clemente Diaz wrote for the APA's Psych Learning Curve website addressing why Intro instructors should include I-O in their classes as well as the common barriers they face.   Building off of this work, Clemente submitted a poster to the Society for the Teaching of Psychology 4th Annual Twitter Poster Conference - and it was one of two winning submissions!  Check it out here: The big takeaway as to why Intro instructors don't include I-O in their classes is because it isn't in the textbook . . . which is the primary goal of GIT!  Let's hope that as progress continues to be made in gettting more I-O into Intro textbooks, we'll see more Intro instructors choosing to cover the topic! Clemente also created a poster to provide more information on why and how to incorporate I-O psychology into Intro classes; feel free to pass this ...

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GIT is Featured in I-O Psych Memes!

Nowadays, memes are a fun and popular way to communicate on the internet.  What happens when you mix memes with I-O Psychology?  You get I-O Psych Memes, the social media account unofficially run by San Diego State I-O!  Check them out (IOPsychMemes on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)! The latest post is all about I-O Psych and Intro Psych, which is what GIT is all about: What do you think?  Do you agree: should I-O Psych always be taught in Intro Psych?? What is the point of creating memes?  As account creator Lisa Kath said, "as much as it seems like creating a meme page is frivolous, I think educators should be aware of how they might really be effective ways of conveying information to our students."  Maybe we could all be incorporating memes into our classes - and maybe I-O Psych Memes in particular can be a good resource for Intro Psych students! What exactly is GIT?  ...

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