SIOP Media Resources


SIOP and industrial-organizational psychology offer great opportunities for informative and interesting news and feature stories. Members of the media can take advantage of our convenient Media Resources Service, view recent articles, or contact the Administrative Office directly. SIOP members interested in volunteering to be part of the Media Resources database or preparing for a media interview should see the appropriate links below. 

For the Press:

Contact: Marketing and Communications Manager Amber Stark 

Media Resources Service  

A locator service to help media find an I-O psychologist with expertise in a specific topic.

Recent Member Media Mentions 

What are SIOP and I-O psychologists?

Information on who I-O psychologists are and what they do.

 Items of Interest

For SIOP Members

Contact: Marketing and Communications Manager Amber Stark

Become a Media Resource

If you are a SIOP member and would like to volunteer your services for the Media Resources database, click the link above to visit your SIOP user account. You will need to indicate your preferences in your SIOP profile under the section labeled "Manage Privacy and Opt In/Out."

Talking Points 

Here are a few suggestions to help you if the media contacts you.

Press Release Tips

If you are interested promoting your own research to the media, you can simply write a press release and send it out through your university or company’s press department. Click the link above for helpful tips.