Upgrade Pathway to Member for Associates

A SIOP Bylaws amendment approved by the SIOP Executive Board in May 2014 and by vote of the SIOP membership in March 2015 established the opportunity for qualified Associates to apply for an upgrade to Member type.

This amendment gives long-term, engaged Associates access to becoming a SIOP Member and the relevant benefits, including the ability to vote in SIOP elections and to hold positions on the Executive Board and as Committee Chair.

Society Associates who meet the following eligibility requirements may apply to become a Society Member:

  • Paid status as an Associate for a period of at least the past 5 consecutive years.
  • Be engaged in professional activities as described in Article II, 2a2 of the Society Bylaws.
  • Submit a letter of nomination from a Society Member or Society Fellow who can attest to your professional activities as described in Article II, 2a2 of the Society Bylaws.
  • Have obtained a Master’s Degree that meets criteria as established in policy by the Executive Board.
  • Have attended three official meetings (includes the SIOP Annual Conference and SIOP Leading Edge Consortium) of the Society in the last five years.


If you are an Associate who meets these criteria, we encourage you to apply for the upgrade to Member. Once you have confirmed your eligibility for this pathway, please send the following documents to Jayne Tegge, Member Engagement Manager, at


  1. An updated resume/CV
  2. A statement of 100 words or less concerning your eligibility for the upgrade i.e. I have been working as an I-O consultant for 10 years; I have written multiple journal articles, etc.
  3. A letter of reference from a SIOP Member or Fellow who can attest to your I-O related work 

Your completed application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee who will notify you of your approval within 3-4 weeks.