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The Cybersecurity Registry is intended to create a centralized resource database of international industrial-organizational psychologists with knowledge, experience, and interest in cybersecurity. This registry allows SIOP members, members of the media, organizations, policy makers, and other relevant parties to easily identify and contact those individuals. A secondary purpose of the registry is to serve as tool for cybersecurity-oriented SIOP committees (e.g., SIOP GREAT Committee’s Defense and Security Advocacy Area) to identify experts when preparing statements and issuing project calls. Membership in the Cybersecurity Registry is open to SIOP Members, including Associate and Retired Members.

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    SIOP is the premier and trusted authority on work-related human behavior. SIOP is developing searchable registries of
    Industrial-Organizational Psychologists so as to offer ready lists of experts in specific fields of interest for external visibility and use.

    Participation is a benefit of SIOP professional membership and is voluntary. Registry participants are responsible for making sure their
    membership profile information is accurate and updated periodically.