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The novel format of the journal focuses on an interactive exchanges on topics of importance to science and practice in our field. The journal takes a focal article–peer commentary format. A focal article is a position paper on an important issue for the field (or potentially a pair of papers taking opposite sides in a debate). Such a focal article might summarize evidence on an issue and take a position as to implications for science, practice, or public policy. The paper might focus on a basic science issue, an applied science issue, a practice issue, or a public policy issue; many would be a blend. The focal article is then followed by a series of peer commentaries. These could challenge or critique the original article, expand on issues not addressed in the focal article, or draw out implications not developed in the focal article. The goal is to include commentaries from various perspectives, including science, practice, and international perspectives. Focal Articles can be submitted at

In addition to focal articles and commentaries, calls for contributions to special issues will occur in which conceptual and empirical articles may be submitted. Authors should refer to those calls for specifics regarding the submission criteria for those issues.

Members will receive e-mail notification from SIOP when each focal article is made available on the SIOP Web site, and interested parties can submit a commentary via for consideration for publication. We’re eager to get as broad a range of perspectives and reactions as possible. Commentary submissions are peer reviewed.

Author submission guides may be found here: The journal’s Instructions for Contributors may be found here:

Individuals with ideas for a potential focal article they would like to write or with ideas about topics they would like to see addressed in the journal can contact Editor Cort Rudolph at

Commentary Guidelines

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