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About the Editors

Cort Rudolph
Editor in Chief

Cort Rudolph's headshotCort W. Rudolph, PhD, is a professor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Wayne State University and an elected Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Cort’s research interests are broad and cover a range of topics, however a central theme of his work is understanding issues related to the aging of the workforce through the lens of lifespan development theories. He also has expertise in topics related to occupational health and employee well-being, environmental sustainability, careers and career development, proactivity, individual differences, and leadership. Cort has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers, 30 book chapters, and coedited three books.

Whitney Botsford Morgan
Associate Editor

Whitney Botsford Morgan is a professor of Management in the Marilyn Davies College of Business at the University of Houston-Downtown. She earned her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from George Mason University in 2009. Her primary research interests include work-family and diversity, and she is currently on the editorial board for Journal of Business and Psychology.

She is an active contributor to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, having served as Education and Training Committee Chair from 2014-2016 and Conference Chair from 2020-2022.

She has also served as PI and co-PI on two grants from the Department of Education and Social Security Administration (totaling $1,100,000) that supported the development of educational programs for minorities, including the launch of its MBA. Most recently, Whitney led the college through the AACSB reaccreditation process, and assumed the role of faculty director of Accreditation for the Marilyn Davies College of Business in January 2019.

Maura Mills
Associate Editor

Maura Mills, PhD, is an associate professor of Management at Culverhouse College of Business, University of Alabama. She earned her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Kansas State University, during which time she also worked as an organizational consultant for Sirota Consulting. Her research falls under the umbrella of positive organizational behavior, with specific foci on the work-family/work-life interface and gender, employee attitudes and engagement, and the psychometrically appropriate assessment of each. Dr. Mills has published over 30 peer-refereed articles, several book chapters, and various industry publications, in addition to making a number of media appearances. This is in addition to her recent edited book ( Gender and the Work-Family Experience: An Intersection of Two Domains ), which was met with wide praise and is used as a core text in relevant courses. Dr. Mills is an active member of various professional organizations, including the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the Academy of Management, and the Work and Family Researchers' Network, and is cofounder of the WFRN Special Interest Group “Work-Family and Gender.” You can learn more about Dr. Mills on her website.

Hannes Zacher
Associate Editor

Hannes Zacher is professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at the Wilhelm Wundt Institute of Psychology, Leipzig University, Germany. He earned his PhD from the University of Giessen in 2009 and subsequently worked in academic positions in Australia, the Netherlands, and Germany. In his research program, he investigates aging at work and career development, occupational health and well-being, as well as proactive and adaptive employee behavior. Across these research agendas, he employs multiple methodologies, including longitudinal surveys, experience sampling studies, and experiments. His research is well supported through competitive grants and industry funding. He has published more than 180 articles in peer-reviewed journals, such as American Psychologist, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice. He also serves on a number of national and international journal editorial boards.

Editorial Board

Neil R. Anderson, Brunel University, UK
Winfred Arthur, Texas A & M University, USA
Talya N. Bauer, Portland State University, USA
Michael J. Burke, Tulane University, USA
Emily D. Campion, Old Dominion University, USA
Stuart C. Carr, Massey University, New Zealand
José M. Cortina, Virginia Commonwealth
University, USA
Deborah DiazGranados, Virginia Commonwealth
University, USA
David Dorsey, Human Resources Research
Organization (HumRRO), USA
Fritz Drasgow, University of Illinois at
Urbana- Champaign, USA
Alexis A. Fink, Meta, USA
Mark Griffin, Curtin University, Australia
Peter D. Harms, University of Alabama, USA
Theodore Hayes, Arlington, VA, USA
Leaetta M. Hough, Dunnette Group, Ltd, USA
John C. Howes, qChange, USA
Alexander Jackson, Middle Tennessee State
University, USA

Jeff W. Johnson, SHL, USA

Tracy Kantrowitz, Personnel Decisions
Research Institute (PDRI), USA
Lisa M. Kath, San Diego State University, USA
Richard J. Klimoski, George Mason University, USA
Allen I. Kraut, Kraut Associates, USA
Hennie J. Kriek, TTS-Top Talent Solutions and
University of South Africa, South Africa
YoungAh Park, University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign, USA
Ann Marie Ryan, Michigan State University, USA
Lise M. Saari, New York University, USA
Eduardo Salas, Rice University, USA
John C. Scott, APTMetrics, USA
Mindy Shoss, University of Central Florida, USA
Robert F. Silzer, HR Assessment & Development and Baruch, Graduate Center, CUNY, USA
Nancy T. Tippins, The Nancy T. Tippins Group,
./Steven Toaddy, Louisiana Tech University, USA
AharonTziner, Netanya Academic College, Israel
Shonna Waters, BetterUp, USA
Annika Wilhelmy, University of Zurich, Switzerland