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President's Message

Talya Bauer

January means that SIOP is in full preparation mode for the annual conference

It is hard to believe that we are already so close to another fantastic SIOP Annual Conference. As we all know, it is a huge undertaking and the crown jewel of SIOP. We cannot offer enough appreciation and thanks to the incredible SIOP program team including from left to right: Scott Tonidandel (University of North Carolina, Charlotte) as Conference Chair, Tracey Rizzuto (Louisiana State University) as Program Chair, and Elizabeth McCune (Microsoft) as Incoming Program Chair, and Tracy Kantrowitz (PDRI) as Immediate Past Program Chair (and newly elected Incoming SIOP Professional Practice Portfolio Officer). They, along with the huge overall conference team and SIOP Administrative Office, have been hard at work for months (and years) to make the conference magic happen for us all again.

  As we’ve mentioned before, the venue will be the Gaylord National in National Harbor (NOT in Baltimore Harbor), a short 15-minute ride from Reagan National Airport. The hotel sits on the Potomac River with beautiful views and boasts a giant glass atrium. It is a striking and fantastic venue complete with a water taxi to old Alexandria or Washington DC and over 30 restaurants and 150 shops next to the hotel. The program will take place in the attached convention center with over 500,000 square feet of space.

If you want to get in the mood early, check out the 2-minute “5 Reasons to Attend #SIOP19” video:

SIOP Task Forces Hard at Work

As president of SIOP, one of the ways to affect change and make progress is to, in conjunction with the SIOP Presidential Trio, appoint a task force to focus on a special area of attention. Some are sweeping and long-term, whereas others are targeted and short in duration. All help to strengthen SIOP, and SIOP is fortunate to have so many talented, dedicated, and passionate members who volunteer their time and expertise on key issues of importance.

SPOT Task Force

The Science–Practice Opportunities for Translation (SPOT) Task Force has been busy at work. Specifically, there have been several discussions and activities related to the SIOP core principle of science–practice integration and encouraging scientist–practitioner collaborations, work, and exchanges. The SPOT Task Force includes members Frederik Anseel (King’s College London), Kathryn Dekas (Google), Lorenzo Galli (Mercer), cochair Julie McCarthy (University of Toronto), Eduardo Salas (Rice University), Paul Thoresen (Organization Development Consultant), Donald Truxillo (University of Limerick), Shonna Waters (BetterUp), and myself. As a team comprised of SIOP members located in a diversity of work settings around the world (Canada, Japan, Ireland, Italy, the UK, and the US: Minnesota, Oregon, Texas, Virginia), our meetings have focused on ways to further enhance and build upon the SIOP members’ tradition of integrating science and practice into their work. One outcome of these discussions was a consensus that part of what makes SIOP so special and effective is that individuals with very different “day jobs” get together to work as volunteers and attend SIOP conferences side-by-side and that formally recognizing individuals who exemplify both science and practice in their own work would be a good thing. Given this, I am pleased to announce the ScientistPractitioner Presidential Recognition, which I will award at the Annual Conference in National Harbor, MD in April 2019. This recognition will be given to those who especially embody the scientist-practitioner model as described by the criteria below. It is expected that this recognition will be given to multiple recipients.

Call for Nominations for ScientistPractitioner Presidential Recognition

Nomination Guidelines

  1. Nominations may be submitted by any member of SIOP, including student members.
  2. Only current associate members, members, and fellows of SIOP may be nominated for this recognition.
  3. A current vita of the nominee should accompany a letter of nomination of no longer than one-page. The nomination letter should include materials that illustrate the specific contributions of the nominee. 
  4. The one-page letter of nomination and vita must be submitted via email as attachments to by February 1, 2019, 5PM EST.

Criteria for the Recognition

Nominators and endorsers shall address the nominee’s contribution(s) to the combined science and practice of I-O psychology.

Nominees will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. The impact of the nominee’s work on both (1) the science of I-O psychology and (2) the practice of I-O psychology, affecting the creation and dissemination of knowledge as well as workers and work practices in organizations.
  2. Stature in both the practitioner and the scientific communities as demonstrated by notable contributions to both.
  3. A history of conducting research in applied settings that has led to the creation of knowledge (e.g., pilot testing new programs/interventions, extending the knowledge base).
  4. A pattern of aligning the interests of the practice and research communities with each other through practice, research, writing, and behavior and thus modeling the scientist–practitioner model.
  5. A noteworthy pattern of disseminating knowledge (e.g., training and informing others) about methods, procedures, and practices through presentations, publications in a variety of outlets, workshops, and so forth. 

Administrative Procedures

A SPOT subcommittee will review the letters of nomination and make recommendations. It is expected that multiple people will receive this recognition at the 2019 SIOP Conference. The subcommittee is chaired by Donald Truxillo and includes Frederik Anseel, Kathryn Dekas, and Shonna Waters.

New MVI Task Force Created

On Veteran’s Day 2018, I launched the SIOP Military and Veteran’s Initiative (MVI) Task Force. In advance of this, earlier in November, the SIOP Road Show traveled to Washington DC to attend the first HIRE Vets Medallion Awards Ceremony at the Department of Labor and to meet with key members of the MVI Task Force. The HIRE Vets Medallion Program recognizes employers who effectively hire and retain veterans. More about this Department of Labor program can be found here:

The MVI Task Force is led by Task Force Chair Kristin Saboe (Boeing) and includes members Adam Kabins (Korn Ferry Hay Group), Josh Cotton (VetStoreUSA, LLC), and Peter Reiley (U.S. Air Force Foundation for VETS) as well as liaison members from the Department of Defense (and SIOP Members) Nathan Ainspan and Patricia Engelhardt. The task force builds on work begun in 2011 by the SIOP Veterans Inititiative and work done under then SIOP President Fred Oswald (Rice University).

Their charge is as follows:

SIOP has amazing members who do an amazing job of creating value. They pair passion with expertise to affect change leveraging Science for a Smarter Workplace. An example of this is the work done by the Veterans Initiative group within SIOP. In order to further recognize, organize, and embed the work of this group, I am forming a task force under the following charge.

To continue the work begun by dedicated members working on the SIOP Veterans Initiative began in 2011 to build collaborations and enact projects aimed at increasing workplace resources and their dissemination to support those in the military community (e.g., Veterans, Guard and Reservists, Military Spouses) employed in civilian settings and employers of veterans.

The task force will liaise with other supporting SIOP committees and governance (e.g., E&T, External Relations, Communications, SIOP President, and the SIOP Foundation as well as the Administrative Office) to ensure SIOP remains coordinated as goals develop and evolve related to the employment and well-being of those in the military community. In addition, a progress report (and if applicable specific proposals for consideration) will be given at each of the upcoming SIOP Executive Board meetings, typically due 4 to 6 weeks prior to the meetings held in January 2019 and April 2019.

For more on MVI, MVI resources, and to learn how to get involved, please visit:

I enjoyed meeting with Kristin (pictured far left), Nathan, and Patricia (pictured far right), who took time out of their busy days to meet with me while I was in DC. I am looking forward to more great work from this task force which has already accomplished so much as a general interest group. Kristen notes the goals of the task force saying: “The Military and Veterans Initiative (MVI) Task Force will continue in an officially governed capacity the efforts started in 2011 by the SIOP Veterans Initiative. The MVI Task Force, by leveraging the expertise and passion of SIOP members, seeks to increase the scholarship, efforts, and evidence-drive practices serving military community members as they are employed in the civilian workforce or seek additional education. The taskforce is eager to serve those in the military community—veterans, guard/reservists, spouses of military members, and military dependents—to ensure all employers understand the advantage these individuals bring to organizations and educational settings.”

GIT Task Force

The Getting I-O into Intro Psychology Textbooks (GIT) Task Force has been especially resourceful and engaged in sweeping changes in how actively we monitor I-O psychology coverage in introductory psychology textbooks and foundational steps to ensure greater coverage in the future. We expect these investments will pay off in a big way for SIOP but know it will take years of focused effort. Thus, I find it especially inspiring that GIT is doing this work on our field’s behalf with such gusto. Thank you to Joseph Allen (University of Nebraska-Omaha) for organizing and leading this incredible work as Task Force chair. Key committee members include Georgia Chao (Michigan State University; and newly elected Incoming SIOP President-Elect), Jennifer Gibson (Fors Marsh Group), Deborah DiazGranados (Virginia Commonwealth University), Roni Reiter-Palmon (University of Nebraska-Omaha), Marissa Leigh Shuffler Porter (Clemson University), and Nicholas Salter (Ramapo College).

Examples of their efforts include:

  • GIT created and gathered existing I-O summaries and a new I-O psychology chapter that are free for anyone to use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which can be used in whole or part as well as adapted as long as appropriate credit is given to SIOP’s license are located on the SIOP website:
  • Stay tuned for even more teaching materials that GIT will be creating and sharing via the SIOP website. Thanks to all the volunteers to wrote, edited, and promoted these summaries and chapter!
  • The GIT Blog is full of valuable resources and insights regarding I-O content. Thank you to GIT and Nicholas Salter who leads the charge on blogging. You can find the GIT blog at
  • Nick was recently featured chatting about GIT on the Department 12 Podcast:
  • GIT continues to implement their multipronged plan including working with APA leadership and the APA division for the Teaching of Psychology (Division 2).
  • In addition, this month, SIOP President-Elect Eden King (Rice University) presented at the 41st National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology Annual Conference in St. Pete, Florida to help get the word out about I-O psychology to those on the front lines of teaching psychology.

In related news, Roni Reiter-Palmon is leading the Bridge Builders Committee in partnership with GIT and is working on ways to improve the reach of SIOP to high school students and/or having I-O psychology covered in AP psychology courses. Her committee includes Dave Bracken (Keiser University), Carrie Bulger (Quinnipiac University), Michael Campion (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley), Clemente Diaz (Baruch College), and Ronald Riggio (Claremont McKenna College).

One way I am working to help build the future of I-O psychology is by speaking in several local high school AP psychology classes about I-O psychology as a field and as a career. The reception has been positive and the first class I visited was special- it featured a textbook with I-O psychology coverage in terms of psychology options and in relation to work motivation. It even featured SIOP! We have a long way to go before this is the norm in all Introduction to psychology textbooks but I am excited about the work that GIT and Bridge Builders is doing to get I-O in front of future generations of scientist–practitioners.

Another thing I am now doing to help get the word out is widely sharing the SIOP official “Science for a Smarter Workplace” video with anyone interested in learning more about I-O psychology. You can view that video here:

Finally, in other great news, Joe Allen and Traci Sitzmann (University of Colorado, Denver) have been selected to serve as an expert reviewer of the National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula by the APA Board of Educational Affairs. Joe and Traci will serve with 14 other experts across seven content domains with Joe as an Applications of Psychological Science expert and Traci as a Scientific Inquiry expert. I am excited that we have strong representation of I-O and scientific principles and thank External Affairs Portfolio Officer Janet Barnes-Farrell (University of Connecticut) and External Relations Committee Chair Liberty Munson (Microsoft) who work throughout the year coordinating and writing nominations for a variety of external committees, boards, and awards by non-SIOP organizations. The newly elected Incoming External Affairs Officer is current TIP Editor Tara Behrend (George Washington University).

SIOP’s 2018 Leading Edge Consortium Conference a Success

The 2018 Leading Edge Consortium (LEC) was held October 19-20, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. The 2018 LEC Organizing Committee Members, David Baker (IMPAQ International), Allan Church (PepsiCo, cochair), Karen Grabow (Grabow Consulting, LLC), Raphael Prager (PepsiCo), John Scott (APT Metrics), Rob Silzer (HR Assessment and Development, cochair), and Lorraine Stomski (Walmart) did a fantastic job developing a great program. The topic was High Potential: Identifying, Developing, & Retaining Future Leaders, and it was an engaging and educational event with good information in a nice location. This level and quality of programming is due to the hard work of the LEC Organizing Committee. Special thanks go to David, Karen, Raphael, John, and Lorraine and especially co-chairs Allan Church and Rob Silzer who put in countless hours toward LEC’s continued success.

I was pleased to be able to catch some of the LEC Graduate Student Briefing on High Potential Talent, which invited in local I-O programs to hear how I-O practitioners manage High Potential Talent. It was organized by the LEC committee and led by David Baker (pictured below far left with several of the students and faculty who attended from the University of Baltimore and other schools). The students and faculty I met had nothing but great things to say about the opportunity to hear from so many I-O psychology professionals in one day. Presenters included Rob Silzer, Seymour Adler (Aon Hewitt), Sandra Davis (MDA Leadership Consulting), Jeff McHenry (Rainier Leadership Solutions; pictured here in action), Matt Paese (DDI), and Raphael Prager (PepsiCo).

Kudos to all involved!

The LEC opening reception was held aboard the USS Constellation sailing ship. Thank you to our welcome reception partner BTS. The LEC presenting partner was Hogan Assessments, with partners APTMetrics, DDI, Cubiks, HumRRO, Shaker, Mercer|Sirota, 3D Group, Data Solutions, EASI-Consult, and EchoSpan also involved. It was a pleasure hosting APA CEO Arthur Evans and his wife Claudene Evans at LEC 2018, pictured here with SIOP Fellow Shonna Waters and myself at the opening reception).

I Am Already Looking Forward to SIOP’s 2019 Leading Edge Consortium

I could not be more excited about the 2019 LEC in terms of both the topic and the co-chairs. The LEC will focus on Assessment and Testing with Doug Reynolds (DDI) and John Scott (APT Metrics) serving as conference cochairs. The event will be held in Atlanta, Georgia October 25-26, 2019. More details will be available soon.

SIOP’s 2018 HRM Impact Award Winner PepsiCo Announced at LEC

At the 2018 LEC, we awarded the HRM Impact Award to PepsiCo for their “Global Leadership Assessment & Development (LeAD) Program.” This award is an international honor given by SHRM, SIOP, the SHRM Foundation, and the SIOP Foundation. Pictured right are four representatives from the PepsiCo team (on far left) Allan Church (current SIOP Membership Portfolio Officer), James Scivani, Brett Guidry far right, behind Raphael Praeger) responsible for this award-winning program with representatives from SIOP, the SIOP Foundation, and SHRM (standing). The 2018 Award was also won by Amazon and will be presented at the 2019 SIOP Annual Conference. For more details on this year’s winners as well as previous winning organizations and initiatives, visit

Submissions for the 2019 HRM Impact Award will open February 1, 2019 and remain open through April 30, 2019. 

After LEC, I headed to Philadelphia to attend the 2018 Shift conference at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts downtown. There were interesting topics covered and great speakers. I especially enjoyed meeting Rebecca Soni (Rise Elite), a three-time gold and three-time silver Olympic medalist and captain of the 2012 US Olympic women’s swim team, Damian Vaughn (BetterUp), the first Brazilian NFL player, and Mark Verstegen who was formerly the director of Performance for the NFL. They focused on understanding factors related to performance and peak flow at work. I found it fascinating that Rebecca had taken her experience and expertise as an Olympian and turned that into a business helping young potential future Olympians by pairing them with mentors who had already been there. I also enjoyed hearing from Jacinta Jiménez, who talked about what it takes to achieve organizational success with diversity and inclusion in a session entitled, “The Power of Belonging: Making D&I Everyone’s Issue.”

SIOP Good Things

I also want to offer appreciation and call your attention to several good things that have happened or are happening as I write this.

  • Practitioner Needs Assessment. The Professional Practice Committee is conducting a Practitioner Needs Assessment. Please be on the look out to participate in one of their focus groups and/or to respond to their survey. Please have your voice be heard. If you have questions, please contact Emily Solberg (SHL) at
  • SIOP Conversation Series. This initiative was created and is managed by the Visibility Committee which is Chaired by Nikki Blacksmith (US Army Research Institute for Behavioral and Social Sciences) and coordinated by Kelly Reed (CMA), Kelsey Richels (CMA/University of Oklahoma), Keaton Fletcher (Georgia Tech), and Lisa Kath (San Diego State University). The series features one SIOP member each month. The tenth conversation in the series and next SIOP conversation will feature me answering questions on January 30, 2019. More information is available here:
  • SIOP-CARMA. Under the leadership of George Banks (University of North Carolina), SIOP and CARMA recently partnered and completed the “2018 SIOP/CARMA Introductory Reviewer Development Series.” This was led by SIOP, with CARMA providing tech support, the live virtual panel sessions took place in August. They have made the recordings of the three sessions (about 3 hours total) available on the CARMA video channel:

In addition, a set of 3-day intensive courses, featuring presentations by several SIOP members, are offered at the University of South Carolina, January 10-12, 2019. Thanks to the ongoing collaboration between SIOP and CARMA, SIOP members and student members can attend at the deeply discounted CARMA member rates. Registrants (register at: the Short Courses on R may choose from the following:

  1. Introduction to R, led by Scott Tonidandel (University of North Carolina Charlotte)
  2. Regression with R, led by Ron Landis (Illinois Institute of Technology)
  3. Introduction to Multilevel Analysis With R, led by Paul Bliese (University of South Carolina)
  4. Introduction to SEM With R and LAVAAN led by Robert Vandenberg (University of Georgia)
  5. Web Scraping: Data Collection and Analysis, led by Richard Landers (University of Minnesota)
  6. Introduction to Bayesian Analysis With R, led by Steve Culpepper (University of Illinois)
  7. Analysis of Big Data, led by Jeff Stanton (Syracuse University)
  • Graduate student resource. If you, or someone you know, is interested in hearing insights about graduate school, check out the recorded Hangout on SIOPofficial regarding “Everything you want to know about graduate school in I-O psychology but are too afraid to ask!” at
  • Help create learning resources for practitioners. Mark Morris (Sodexo), committee chair for Learning Resources for Practitioners, asks you to consider giving back to SIOP and share your hard-earned knowledge with your fellow I-Os by becoming an author of a SHRM-SIOP collaborative white paper and/or create a cool video webinar on one of our Hot Topics. SIOP is here to help you film it right in your own home and the SIOP Administrative Office will edit and add effects to make it look smooth and professionally produced.
  • or for 20 page white papers that build awareness of SIOP and Science for a Smarter Workplace with the huge SHRM audience or reach out to if you are a PowerPoint person who wants to do a 20 minute webinar. Hot Topics include engagement, workforce planning, change and transformation, analytics, recruiting, learning, or you may propose your own.
  • Teaching I-O psychology. SIOP has a wealth of Instructional and Educational resources.

Please view them here but also note that the SIOP webpages are currently under construction so some pages are further along than others:

Please welcome the newly elected Incoming Instructional and Educational Portfolio Officer Marcus Dickson (Wayne State University).

  • Registries. SIOP has two registries and a locator service. Please sign up if you are interested. It is another way to be involved and find others interested in similar things while making SIOP stronger.
  • CSR and Pro-Social/Humanitarian I-O Registry:
  • Health, Safety, and Well-Being Registry:
  • And the Consultant Locator Service:
  • CEMA Mentees. Please direct racial/ethnic minority graduate students with interest in participating in the CEMA mentoring program to reach out to
  • I am SIOP. Photos at the Annual SIOP conference are a great thing. You are the face of SIOP. We are still gathering I am SIOP photos. Please email them to

My Presidential theme of I am SIOP was born out of my desire to articulate what makes SIOP so special. I realized that it is simply all of you, with your diverse backgrounds and ideas. Every. Single. Member. You make SIOP. You are SIOP.

It is and has been a pleasure to represent all of you – thank you for this opportunity!

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