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LGBT-Related Functions and Programming for the 2017 SIOP Annual Conference

LGBT Committee

Katina Sawyer, Villanova University

Steve Discont, Illinois Institute of Technology

Ismael Diaz, California State University, San Bernadino

Kristen P. Jones, University of Memphis

Alex P. Lindsey, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

Kenneth Matos, Life Meets Work Inc.

Christian N. Thoroughgood, Villanova University

The 32nd Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology is almost upon us, with many of us convening in the Sunshine State of Florida the last weekend of April 2017. The SIOP LGBT Committee would like to give all those interested in LGBT issues in I-O psychology (whether you identify as LGBT or as an ally) a preview of the exciting events happening at this year's SIOP conference. Therefore, in this issue our column will provide a list of all LGBT related programming that you take part in at SIOP this year. This year has a lot of content to choose from within our committee’s sphere of interest. All events below include their listed time, location, event format, and title. Also, this year will be the first year that we will have PRIDE badge tags available at the hospitality desk for you to be able to show your support at the conference. We hope you all have a wonderful and productive conference!


Thursday, April 27, 2017

3:30 PM–4:20 PM, Atlantic BC, Poster Session: Work–Family/HR

Poster 73-32: Work–Family Conflict in Same-Sex Couples


Friday, April 28, 2017

8:00 AM–9:20 AM, Australia 3, Symposium/Forum: New Approaches in LGBT Research in I-O Psychology. Winner of the Best/Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) Research Award

Papers in this symposium:

Microaggressions, Internalized Heterosexism and Burnout in Sexual Orientation Minority Workers

A New Measure of Work–Family Conflict in Same-Sex Couples

Work-Life Issues for Same and Different-Sex Couples

How Public Support for the LGBT Community Impacts Heterosexual Consumers

12:00 PM–12:50 PM, Atlantic BC, Poster Session: Inclusion

Poster 165-1: Impact of Workplace Context on the Experiences of LGBT Employees

Poster 165-2: Gay Male, Lesbian, and Heterosexual Leaders’ Workplace Experiences

Poster 165-5: Crossover Effects of Sexual Orientation Disclosure at Work

Poster 165-21: What’s Good for the Gander: How LGBT-Supportive Policies Benefit Employees

165-28: Professional Homosexual or Homosexual Professional? Sexual-Professional Identity Integration and Leadership

165-30: Sexual Orientation and Perceived Sexism Mediated by Gender Identity

3:00 PM–4:00 PM, Australia 2, Meeting: SIOP LGBT Business Meeting

4:00 PM–4:50 PM, N. Hemisphere A3, Panel Discussion: LGBT Inclusion in a Diverse World

6:00 PM–7:30 PM, Americas Seminars Room (5th Floor in the Dolphin), Conference Event: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Committee and Allies Social Hour


Saturday, April 29, 2017

11:30 AM–12:20 PM, Americas Seminar Room, Alternative Session Type: Creating a More Inclusive I-O Psychology

Presentation within this session:

LGBTQQAAI-Oh Bother! Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Inclusiveness.

3:00 PM–4:20 PM, N. Hemisphere E4, Symposium/Forum: Don’t Trust the B: Bisexual Stigma in Modern Organizations

Papers in this symposium:

Perceptions of Bisexual Employees within the Mixed Stereotype Content Model

Job Insecurity & Health: The Moderating Role of Sexual Orientation

LGBTQ Experiences in Healthcare: How Sexual Identity Matters

Perceptions of Bisexuality Disclosure in Job Applications

3:00 PM–4:20 PM, S. Hemisphere IV, Panel Discussion: Annual EEOC/OFCCP Practitioner Update

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