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Members in the Media

Mariah Clawson

Awareness of I-O psychology has been on the rise thanks to articles written and featuring our SIOP members. These are member media mentions found from December 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019.                           

We scan the media on a regular basis but sometimes articles fall through our net. If we’ve missed your or a colleague’s media mention, please send them to us! We push them on our social media and share them in this column, which you can use to find potential collaborators, spark ideas for research, and keep up with your fellow I-O practitioners.

Gender & Diversity Issues

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic explores how gender and personality shape choices of leaders.

Adam Grant discusses how to cultivate more female leaders in the world and why many beliefs about real leadership are off the mark.

Jonathan Evans, Jerel Slaughter, Aleksander Ellis, and Jessi Rivin say making jokes during a presentation helps men but hurts women.

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic says as long as leadership is associated with masculinity, women will be overlooked.

Popular Press Topics

Adam Grant writes about the dangers of pursuing perfect grades.

Michael Woodward lists 12 common office party mishaps.

Scott Highhouse talks with Freakonomics Radio Live about the simple trick that nurses used to make better predictions than doctors.

Brenton Wiernik says the key to achieving goals is to be very specific about setting them.

Many employees face a daily struggle to feel respected in the workplace. Jose David is looking to change that.

With the new year in full swing, Alicia Grandey shares tips for student self-care.

Mahima Saxena says mediation may be beneficial for many people, but it may be additionally appealing to smokers trying to quit.

Christina Sarabia explains what a career coach is and why you would want one.

Ronald Riggio lists emotions and feelings everyone has but finds hard to explain.

Cassie Batz-Barbarich discusses the importance of treating freelancers as “real” workers.

David Costanza thinks recovery from the government shutdown has to be very localized.

Steve Kozlowski discusses the psychological stresses for a long mission to Mars.

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic shares how to trick your boss into liking you.

Piers Steel says procrastination is harmful.

Employee Management, Motivation, and Turnover

Shannon Taylor finds that some employees who are abused by their bosses decide not to repeat that pattern with their own colleagues and become exceptional leaders.

Frederick P. Morgeson says organizations are filled with people who have many commitments, some of which aren’t investing 24 hours a day to their job.

Steven Rogelberg talks about how to implement meeting strategies that guide participants to brainstorm ideas and increase productivity.

Falling behind on your New Year’s resolutions? Amy Cooper Hakim says consistency is key to making your goals stick.

Marla Albertie shares why she didn’t give up on herself to achieve her APTD.

Adam Grant talks about using the science of good timing to pass the test and get the job.

When you hate your job, your mental health worsens. E. Kevin Kelloway says that unfair treatment at work can cause enormous amounts of stress.

Steve Weingarden says to be as up front and as direct as possible with your coworkers.

Michael Woodward chats about managing remote workers and how to get the most out of working from home.

Jay Finkelman says “ghosting” is becoming a common reality as more employers report job applicants and employees disappear without a trace.

Adam Grant gives an example of a question to ask during job interviews.

Chu-Hsiang Chang says having meaningful relationships at work can contribute to well-being and to your knowledge, structure, and work performance.

Amy Cooper Hakim says you should ask someone who knows your work and can also vouch for your work ethic when asking for a job reference.

Greg Barnett explains how personality can determine job performance.

Michael Woodward says you should campaign for yourself and demonstrate through actions why you’re the best person for the job instead of undermining other candidates.

Mitchell Marks says setting an intention is easier said than done.

Michael Vodianoi says our attention is often captivated by people who are doing remarkable things. But, you don’t know the story behind how they reached their achievement.

Employee Burnout, Work-Life Balance

 Jamie Gruman says simply writing a to-do list can help alleviate some of your stress.

Jessica Gallus says you may be in a toxic workplace if you don’t feel psychologically safe at work.

Alicia Grandey says employees tend to rely on modifying their feelings by using cognitive strategies to change the way they feel when performing emotional labor.

Linda Penney says if employees feel like they are being disrespected by their supervisors, it can be a factor for employee theft.

Charlotte Fritz says when someone experiences rude behavior in the office, they tend to report insomnia symptoms.

Liu-Qin Yang explains how negative bosses reduce workplace productivity.

A recent Buzzfeed article attributed burnout in young workers to the economic environment, social media, and more. Michael Leiter says these can actually affect anyone.

Charlotte Fritz and Youngah Park say cyber incivility is a meaningful stressor that affects employees emotionally and physically.

Lale Yaldiz says it is important to understand the differences between younger and older workers to help them cope with the demands of their work lives more effectively.

Christiane Spitzmueller says the more work stress there is, the more likely there is to be work-family conflict.

Amy Cooper Hakim and Ronald Riggio shares tricks for dealing with toxic colleagues.

Sy Islam says employees of nonprofits deal with high levels of stress and customers in challenging situations.

Leadership, Management, and Organizational Culture

Charlotte Fritz says the increased authority and freedom that comes with a managerial role leads to an increase in job satisfaction.

James Beck uses findings from psychology and management research to explore common workplace issues.

Richard Landers discusses AI based pre-hire assessment tools in this episode of the Science 4-Hire podcast.

Richard Boyatzis says great leaders ignite passion and inspire the best in us. Read how emotional intelligence is the key to good leadership.

Steven Hunt says to improve manager-employee coaching conversations, organizations must ensure managers know their role in employee development.

Elliot Lasson discusses current trends in performance management systems.

Steve Weingarden says as AI is accepted into every area of work, the employee data gathered will lead to new concerns about privacy and trust.

Happy Valentine’s Day…to your coworker? Amy Nicole Baker shares answers to seven commonly asked questions about romance at the office.

Joseph Allen says its common to despise meetings and to empathize with people when they have meetings.

Adam Grant discusses email etiquette. He says ignoring email is a rude behavior.

Amy Wrzesniewski and Greg Barnett share their science behind success with job performance and job crafting.

Steven Hunt says forms should be a tool to support effective conversations about talent.

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