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Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge

Membership Milestone

Members are the heart and soul of SIOP and are greatly appreciated for their interest and contributions. Here are the newest members of SIOP, the newest members of the 25+ years of membership club, and the latest members to upgrade from Associate to Full Member. Thanks to them all!


New Professional Members

Tamara Amini
Joe Ammar
Lindsey Bartholomew
Nathan Bjornberg
Marian Blake
Dilip Boury
Kyle Bradley
Jennifer Brinegar
Tiffanie Brinson
Anna Brown
Tiffany Brown
Ryan Brown
Dr. Michael Brown
Eric Bunyan
Maura Burke
Andrea Butler
Chenell Buys
Dana Byrd
Kyle Cadieux
Lenin Campos
Julio Canedo
Jennifer Carter
Valerie Chan
Michael Choi
Hui Chu
Yuying Chuang
Casey Ciaston
Sara Clemens
Laura Cococcia
Kara Colley
Michael Couch
Laurence Crevier-Braud
Kevin Crowston
Felipe Cuadra
Andrea Deege
Noelle Devlin
Holly Downs
Rochelle Edwards
Makesha Evans
Jazmin Farrell
Elizabeth Follmer
Christopher Fox
Eric Franco
Joseph Fresco
Ray Friedman
Alicia Fuller
Jeanessa Gantt
Ryan Ginter
Kathleen Gosser
Tina Graziosi
Jarrad Haar

Constance Hammer
Brittany Hanna
Elizabeth Harrison
Nick Holton
Coty Hoover
Kimberly Hylton
Lauren Insley
Sachin Jain
Brian Jefferis
Laura Johnson
Valerie Johnson
Reneshia Johnson
Brittany Johnson
Karen Jordan
Samantha Kalsow
Rachel Kennell
Tom Killen
Allison Kolick
Samuel Lawson
Szu-Han Lin
Lynsey Mahmood
Jennifer Manegold
Michele Martin
Cassaundra Martinez
Lyle Maryniak
Paras Mehta
Jeff Merrell
Salar Mesdaghinia
Rita Molnar
Nora Morris
Ronald Muhammad
Troy Muhammad
Rebecca Murphy
Heather MyersDaisuke Nakama
Shawn Michael Nichols
Matt O'Connor
Margaret Ormiston
Gabrielle Ostrognay
Leslie Overmyer-Day
Barbara Patchen
Shamit Patel
Lovey Peissig
Ian Peters
Jon Pierce
Vijayakumar Pitta
Nora Polon
Yari Randall
Bertha Rangel
Denise Reed
Jackie Reisner

Lauren Rice
Meredyth Ring
Kellie Roberts
Will Robinson
Bernard Rotundo
J'Darrian Russell
Teresa Salerno
Rita Sancheti
Carson Sandy
Alok Sawhney
Candice Schaefer
Sarah Scholl
Nathan Schultz
Stacey Sekwao
Vaughn Sheahan
Elizabeth Short
Shannan Simms
Alia Smith
Tyler Smith
Shiyang Su
Shannon Sullivan
Janice Super
Alice Sylvester
Sarah Szpaichler
Jacob Taiariol
Rima Tarraf
David Theil
Ashley Thompson
Louis To
Daniel Torres
Mai Trinh
Sean Turconi
Michael Urick
Tim Vogus
Harry Vuong
Adebesin Wasiu
Christina Waszak
Oliver Weigelt
M. Weiss
Megan Wertheimer
Amy Wester
Katie Whipple
Daniellec Wittorp
Amanda Wolcott
Hana Yaw
Irene Yenko
Jia Yu
Yiwen Zhang
Christopher Zou

New Sterling Circle Members


Katherine Klein
Simcha Ronen
Carla Shull
Amy Stewart


New Associate to Members


Johanna Seppalainen
Amanda Woller
Joel DiGirolamo
Marc Fogel

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