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Visibility Committee Releases New Video and White Papers

The SIOP Visibility Committee, led by Chair Nikki Blacksmith continues to provide SIOP members and others interested in I-O topics with up-to-date research and features.

The Committee has released new white papers on diversity and the gig economy, along with an engaging new video on the 2019 Top 10 Workplace Trends.

Benefits of Socioeconomic Diversity to Organizations: How Organizations Can Promote and Benefit From Socioeconomic Diversity by McKenzie Preston and Sumona De Graaf shows that socioeconomic diversity can lead to positive business and people-related benefits for organizations. Drawing on research from various fields including management, psychology, and sociology research, the authors hope to provide organizations with a deeper understanding of how to enact, promote, and benefit from practices that promote socioeconomic diversity in their employee populations.

The Gig Economy: An Overview and Set of Recommendations for Practice by Emily D. Campion is a timely fit with the broader societal discussion about the future of work. Research suggests future work is going to be highly individualized with more talent entering the “gig economy” and choosing—and in some cases, being pushed—to work independent of traditional organizations. This white paper helps answer some of the most basic questions about gig work while also leaving space for inevitable change.

Keeping with the theme of the future of work, the committee has produced a 3-minute video highlighting the SIOP Top 10 Workplace Trends for 2019.that is perfect for sharing with clients and members of the general public. From work-life balance to AI and machine learning, this fun, informative video covers trending I-O topics and different workplace applications for I-O. 

To view more whitepapers or learn how to submit one of your own, visit If you are a SIOP member interested in joining the Visibility Committee, volunteer HERE.

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