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Coming Soon: The 2019 SIOP Salary Survey

For over 30 years, SIOP has been conducting a salary survey every 3 years to examine the income and employment of its members. In order for the 2019 salary survey efforts to provide the most accurate and valuable information for the membership, we need members to fill out the survey! Be on the lookout for an email with the information about the completing the survey in early October 2019.

The results of each survey effort are consistently provided in a detailed report accessible to members (e.g., Poteet, Parker, Herman, DuVernet, & Conley, 2017) and are often the subject of additional publications (e.g., Parker, Wiggins, Richard, Wright, Davison, & DuVernet, 2018). These reports summarize descriptive and other analyses designed to understand the factors that impact income, including highest degree obtained, tenure, and employment sector (e.g., academic vs. practitioner, internal vs. external practitioner, etc.) as well as other pertinent demographic variables (e.g., gender, age, geographic location).

By tracking average income levels for membership as a whole and subcategories of membership, the Society provides a valuable benchmark, allowing its membership the opportunity to understand their own market value as they progress in their careers. The research effort also affords SIOP as a whole the opportunity to understand the most significant drivers of income differences within the field of industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology as well as the career outlook for the field. Past surveys have identified highest degree obtained, years of experience, area of employment, industry, gender, and age as significant factors impacting income. The regular administration of the salary survey also provides insight into compensation and employment trends over time.

Information gathered from the salary survey is a highly valuable resource for SIOP members as they navigate their careers and negotiate compensation. Indeed, a satisfaction survey administered by the SIOP Professional Practices Committee in early 2019 (Solberg & Porr, in press) indicated that the SIOP Salary Survey was rated the highest (mean = 3.17, where 1 = Not useful; 2 = Somewhat Useful; 3 = Very Useful; and 4 = Extremely Useful) out of 30 resources provided by SIOP.  Additionally, 88% of the practitioners responding to the survey indicated that they were aware of the SIOP Salary Survey, and 74% percent indicated that they had used it in the past.

In keeping with the triennial nature of this research, the 2019 Salary Survey of SIOP membership is targeted for administration in early October 2019, with data analysis and report preparation scheduled for the last quarter of 2019. The results will be made available to SIOP members no later than April 2020, prior to the SIOP conference.

So check your email for your invitation to fill out the 2019 SIOP Salary Survey!




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