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Support SIOP in the APA Apportionment Ballot

Voting is now underway on the American Psychological Association (APA) Apportionment Ballot and will conclude on December 16, 2019. SIOP respectfully requests that SIOP members of APA allocate as many of their votes as possible to our division (Division 14).

The APA Council of Representatives makes decisions about many items of critical interest to SIOP members, including practice issues, the science agenda, and funding for basic research.

Each year, APA voting members are asked to allocate 10 votes among the divisions and state associations with which they are affiliated in a process called the apportionment ballot. These votes determine the number of representatives each entity has on the Council of Representatives. 

SIOP members who are also members of APA should have received the apportionment ballot from APA on November 1.

The more seats SIOP has on the APA Council of Representatives, the stronger our voice in APA, and the better we can ensure that APA's activities and spending consider our specific needs.

SIOP usually has a large block of APA members who allocate all 10 of their votes to Division 14. This helps us keep or increase the number of representatives we have.

More information about the APA apportionment procedures is available on the APA website

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