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Preconference Workshops Still Available

If you have not yet registered for the 2020 SIOP Conference in Austin, be sure to consider adding the preconference workshops when you submit your registration. The workshops take place on Wednesday, April 22, the day before the actual conference begins, and you can sign up for up to two workshops (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). However, if your schedule does not permit a full day commitment, you also have the option to sign up for a single workshop in either the morning or afternoon. The workshops are a great opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field in an intimate, interactive setting, as well as network with peers facing the same challenges you are and, for those who need them, earn continuing education (CE) credits. If you have already registered for the conference but were not aware of the workshops when you did so, it is very easy to go back and add them to your registration.

The world of work is changing faster than ever before, and this year’s workshops cover issues central to this evolution. This includes a multidisciplinary workshop on the future of work, an issue that will require collaboration across multiple disciplines as we move forward. It’s easy to develop tunnel vision if you don’t seek perspectives from outside our field, and understanding different viewpoints is critical if I-O psychology wants to be part of the long-term solution to the challenges posed by the future of work. Other workshops covering issues relevant to the changing world of work include one on artificial intelligence and data science, one on applying agile methods to common HR challenges, and one on inclusive coaching in an increasingly diverse workforce.

The remaining workshops cover a range of I-O areas, including cutting edge OD techniques (storytelling, employee listening systems, “sticky” leadership development); strategic HR management (linking human capital initiatives to business results); and methodology and tools (data visualization). And for busy practitioners looking to keep up with cutting edge and emerging I-O research, be sure to check out Could You Still Pass Comps? The Latest in I-O Must-Knows.

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