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Announcing the New Disability Inclusion and Accessibility Committee

We are thrilled to announce SIOP’s new Disability Inclusion and Accessibility Committee (DIAC). This ad-hoc committee seeks to help SIOP become a barrier-free Society by raising awareness of issues of disability and disability identity in the workforce and helping improve the experiences of all SIOP members, I-O students, and other people with disabilities in the workforce through science and practice.  Given its mandate, the committee is composed of scientists and practitioners, US and international members, people with a lived experience of a disability and allies, and people at different career stages.

The committee is chaired by Susan D’Mello (HumRRO), and includes Silvia Bonaccio (University of Ottawa), Catherine Connelly (McMaster University), Cheryl Davis (C/J Consulting Inc.), Sandra Fisher (Münster University of Applied Sciences), and Brent Lyons (York University).  DIAC will report to the new Diversity and Inclusion Officer Derek Avery. We look forward to collaborating with other committees and contributing to SIOP! To get in touch with the committee, please email our chair at sdmello@humrro.org.




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