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Montclair State University Launching New PhD in I-O Psychology With Specialization in Psychological or Data Science

Montclair State University in NJ is excited to announce they are launching a new PhD Program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, with the inaugural class starting Fall 2020. Alongside the department’s recently launched Clinical PhD program, the I/O program is based on the scientist-practitioner model and provides students with extensive training in methods, statistics, and evidence-based approaches to industrial and organizational topics.

The program is both research and practice oriented. Students work in one of eight full-time faculty labs pursuing original lines of inquiry in topics as diverse as personality, leadership development, group decision making, racial biases, assessment, deviance, meaningful work, empowerment, and occupational health. Students also learn to implement evidence-based solutions in real organizations through applied consulting projects, a required internship, and courses in business strategy and organizational development.

The program uniquely offers a data science concentration. Through partnership with computer science, students can take specialized courses in Python programming, database architecture, machine learning, natural language processing, algorithms, and computational modeling. In addition, students can choose a classical psychological specialization along with an option to earn a planned quantitative certification.

The overall program is 79 credits, uses a community-based admissions model, and has a prospective rather than comprehensive exams. Students are fully funded through teaching and research fellowships as well as faculty grants. For those interested in learning more, please visit the Montclair State Psychology I/O program page or contact Dr. Daniel Simonet at simonetd@montclair.edu or by phone at (973) 655-3528. Applications for the first cohort are due April 15 and will be due December 1 for all subsequent cohorts. They can be submitted directly through the graduate school at Montclair.edu\graduate. 


For anyone interested in a graduate program in I-O or a related field, SIOP provides multiple resources to help in that search. The include tips on choosing a program (https://www.siop.org/Events-Education/Graduate-Training-Program/GTP-Choose), a database of programs (https://www.siop.org/Events-Education/Graduate-Training-Program), and a set of guidelines for programs (https://www.siop.org/Events-Education/Graduate-Training-Program/Guidelines-for-Education-and-Training). If your program is not listed, forms are available at https://www.siop.org/Events-Education/Graduate-Training-Program to add it. Listing in the graduate training database does not imply any sort of vetting or certification. The database if for informational purposes only. 


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