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Eric Knudsen Wins SIOP’s #IOHaiku Contest

Eric Knudsen has been named the winner of SIOP’s #IOHaiku contest, held on Twitter in April to celebrate National Poetry Month and the relaunch of SIOP’s Professional Practice book series with publisher Oxford University Press.

Thirty-four online poets contributed forty-seven short, structured verses on a wide range of I-O psychology related themes. According to the rules of the game, the post with the most “likes” and “retweets” would win a copy of the new book, Performance Management Transformation: Lessons Learned and Next Steps, co-edited by Elaine Pulakos (also the series editor) and Mariangela Battista.

Knudsen’s winning post, pictured here, addressed a topic of long-standing debate within the SIOP community.

With fifty-eight likes, seven retweets, and seven additional comments, the post won by a respectable margin. Not long after Knudsen posted, Lance Andrews correctly predicted the outcome. But there were other posts, on topics ranging from life during COVID-19 to research validity, and back to the importance of language, that also scored well with SIOP’s Twitterati.

Knudsen’s prize is a free copy of the new book, donated by Oxford University Press, Learn more about Performance Management Transformation, and the Professional Practice Series.

Other well-liked haiku included these posts by Department 12 Podcast (Ben Butina), Kristen Shockley, Tammy Allen, and Alice Brawley Newlin.


Sy Islam, Andrew Naber, and Melissa Abrams Kapnek wrote about the centrality of job analysis; Wil Jimenez pointed out that IO’s study meaning at work; Hannes Zacher offered a translation of the discipline’s name, and Craig R. Dawson poked a hole in the mystique of machine learning.

A handful of members, including Ben Baran, Clemente Diaz, Molly Maymar, and Vivian Woo, along with the mysterious Mrs K. really got into the spirit of the game and submitted multiple posts.

There were too many witty, incisive, and heartfelt posts to include in this space. View them all by searching #IOHaiku at  There’s no need to have an account to perform the search.

For even more #IOHaiku, see Tara Behrend’s article, Peer Review Haiku, on page 128 of the October 2015 edition of TIP.

Sincere thanks to all who played in the #IOHaiku contest!

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