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Volunteering for SIOP Is a Win-Win!

“Through volunteering for SIOP, you learn how the organization works and network with amazing people.”

- Margaret Beier

Volunteering for SIOP Is a Win-Win!

Member volunteers are the lifeblood of SIOP, advancing the organization’s mission through engagement in projects and initiatives as directed by the Executive Board and in partnership with the Administrative Office staff.

Committee volunteerism is an important way to derive real value from your membership. Why should you consider serving on a SIOP committee?

  1. You will develop new personal and professional relationships and enrich your knowledge of the profession while collaborating with current and future I-O psychology thought leaders.
  2. Your volunteer work advances the profession of I-O psychology by raising public awareness of its value to the business community and to the public at large.
  3. You can assist SIOP in providing even greater value for your fellow members by helping keep their needs in clear focus.
  4. Working within the committee structure is a great way to develop your leadership skills and train for possible future leadership roles within the organization as well as in your career.

Here is what another SIOP volunteer had to say about volunteering:

Volunteering for SIOP has been fantastic for me.  I have met such interesting and fun people.  I really feel that I’ve made a contribution to SIOP and helped the brand grow.  Volunteering on a committee is an opportunity to give back to a field that has given so much to me personally.

- Pete Rutigliano

We encourage you to visit the Committees page to learn about the 50+committees and task forces that make up the volunteer leadership of SIOP.  Click the red Committee Description button to read a short explanation of each committee and any membership requirements. Then navigate to the SIOP Volunteer System (SVS) to select up to three choices for committees on which you would like to serve.  Volunteer commitments are for 1 year. If you haven’t already done so, renew your SIOP membership for the new dues year first, then make your selections. Chairs will begin filling their committee rosters immediately, so don’t wait!

Raise your hand to increase your involvement in SIOP and gain additional value from your SIOP membership today.

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