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Community in a Time of Crisis

The world has changed. In a matter of weeks, we went from going about our daily lives to staying at home, observing the mounting death toll and economic impacts from COVID-19, and, just recently, watching people pour into the streets around the country and world to call for justice in the wake of more sad and senseless violence against the African-American community.  Through all the turmoil and uncertainty, it is important that the SIOP community continue to come together, convening around our shared concern as I-O psychology professionals for the well-being of humans and smarter workplaces.

Yesterday, the SIOP Executive Board issued a statement standing against racism and inviting members into dialogue around how SIOP can support diversity and inclusion efforts within and beyond our membership community.

Also, we are encouraged by how our members have answered the call to produce Covid-19-related resources and online teaching materials; pivoted their conference sessions to the upcoming Virtual Conference; held committee training virtually for the first time; and all while managed disrupted professional and personal lives. We know that SIOP will come out of this crisis stronger and indeed, that the power of I-O psychology will have a prominent place in the post-pandemic world.

To continue SIOP’s important work, and to preserve your place within our membership community, we want to remind you of the upcoming dues renewal deadline on June 30.  Please take a minute to renew your membership today so that SIOP can continue to bring you curated educational programming, stimulating publications, and more of the features you want and need from your professional home in the years to come. Thank you for being a part of the SIOP community.

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