Call for Papers: State of Progress for Initiatives Supporting Women in Leadership Across Industries and Context

This is a new call for papers for the Consulting Psychology Journal. The theme of the issue is: "State of Progress for Initiatives Supporting Women in Leadership Across Industries and Contexts"

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The paper submission date is January 1st, 2021. For more information you can contact Mira Brancu ( or Lyne Desormeaux (

Below is more information about this issue.   

The recent surge of women’s leadership programs, coaching, and consulting for women reflects an ongoing interest and need to support more women serving as leaders in organizations, in politics, and our communities and society at large. 

There is some research on the outcomes of women’s leadership initiatives and coaching and consulting; however, given that boards and senior leadership roles are still significantly underrepresented by qualified women, more research, policy, and practice guidelines are needed. Globally, women comprise only 16.9% of board seats (Deloitte, Women in Boardroom) and only 29% of senior roles (Grant Thornton), and in specific industries, that number is even lower. 

This special issue seeks to elicit research, policy, and practice guidelines that serve to improve outcomes in this field that answer questions such as:

  • What assessments are effective in supporting women’s leadership efforts by companies or in politics?
  • What types of training and implementation methods have shown success and for which kind of structure, organization, or context?
  • How and when do organizations seek this type of support from consultants and coaches, and what are recommended practices for ethically engaging in this work?
  • Are there any training considerations for consulting psychologists who seek to engage in the field of Women and Leadership?

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Best practices for culturally sensitive leadership development training and consultation
  • Developing women as leaders for advancement at the senior level, across industries, and in politics
  • Learning how other disciplines, such as social psychology and neuropsychology, are approaching this topic 
  • Using selection, recruitment, and promotion/advancement assessment tools that support leadership development for women. 
  • How to support women leaders in organizations across industries
  • Current gaps and potential solutions     
  • Issues of intersectionality (e.g., older women, women of color, LGBT+) that influence women’s leadership outcomes or initiatives.     

For more information about the journal, visit the Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research homepage

You may also proceed directly to the manuscript submission portal.

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