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SWAM Looks at Automation, Algorithmic Selection, and Workforce Health and Well-Being

September is Smarter Workplace Awareness Month, which is dedicated to sharing information about how the science and practice of I-O psychology can improve worker well-being while creating more effective organizations. Each week this month, SIOP will share member-created content about the topics that are important in the world of work, as uncovered in the 2020 SIOP Top 10 Workplace Trends.

This week’s highlights are:

  • Top Trend No. 6: Automation of jobs and tasks
    While automation becomes more prevalent, more tasks will be performed without human assistance. Automation changes the way employees do their work, which means SIOP experts will be needed to define, select, train, and measure performance of these jobs.
  • Top Trend No. 7: Algorithmic selection – validity, bias, and applicant reactions
    Big data allows for more advanced assessment techniques including complex algorithms that can predict human characteristics accurately and quickly. Whenever we consider predicting human characteristics, we must consider validity, bias, and applicant reactions. SIOP experts are needed to research and monitor these algorithms to ensure algorithmic justice.
  • Top Trend No. 8: Workforce health and well-being
    Much of the workforce has been working from home in response to the COVID pandemic. Working from home and being constantly tethered to technology results in long working hours. Employees need to recover from these intense work demands. SIOP experts can conduct research in worker well-being and apply that research to support organizations in building well-being programs.

Smarter Workplace Awareness Month and the SIOP Top 10 Workplace Trends are initiatives of the SIOP Visibility Committee. Share your thoughts about how the science and practice of I-O psychology can improve worker well-being while creating more effective organizations on social media using #SmarterWorkplace and #SIOPSmarterWorkplace.

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