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Registration for Inclusive Coaching Workshop Now Open

Registration is now open for an upcoming SIOP virtual workshop intended for individuals working as internal or external coaches, for HR and I-O practitioners responsible for talent management processes in their organizations, and for other applied professionals who wish to deepen their understanding of how to make coaching more inclusive. Inclusive Coaching: Bringing Out the Best in a Diverse Workforce will begin at 11 a.m. EDT Sept. 30.

Diversity and inclusion have taken center stage in 2020. Differences in race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, and sexual orientation have become increasingly salient. Although inclusion has been a key business focus for some time, greater awareness of systemic injustice and the resulting unrest have increased awareness of its importance. Leadership coaches can play a substantial role in helping organizations and their people fully tap into the power of inclusion by leveraging approaches more reflective of diversity, equity, and inclusion. However, for many if not most coaches, untangling the complex web of organizational context, personal filters, political dynamics, values, stereotypes, unconscious bias, participant experience, identity, intergroup relations, and cultural differences can be challenging.

In this workshop, Anna Marie Valerio, PhD and Bernardo Ferdman, PhD will provide perspectives and practical tools to support practitioners in bringing out the best in both coaching participants and organizations, in ways that foster inclusion at work.

Moderated by Veronica Schmidt Harvey, PhD, this workshop will benefit coaches as well as those who make decisions about coaching and talent development in organizations.

After this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe three reasons why inclusive coaching is important and how it can contribute to organizations and their people.
  • Articulate mindsets and behaviors required for inclusive coaching.
  • Recognize key variables that can get in the way of or support inclusive coaching, such as a coach’s own filters, real and perceived differences among coaching participants, unconscious biases and assumptions, values about diversity and inclusion, and contextual factors.
  • Develop an individual perspective on what constitutes inclusive coaching and implement practical approaches for working more effectively and inclusively with coaching participants, within and across differences.
  • Identify ways to increase organizational inclusion by surfacing issues in ways that benefit both the individual and the organization while considering legal, ethical, and confidentiality boundaries.

Register today or visit the workshop webpage for the workshop schedule, presenter bios, moderator bio, and CE information.

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