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Visibility Committee Releases SIOP-branded PowerPoint Template

The Branding Subcommittee of the Visibility Committee recently developed a SIOP-branded PowerPoint template for committee use. Chaired by Tyler Wurtz, Branding is one of six Visibility subcommittees. 

The Visibility Committee, chaired by Amanda Woller (2020-2022), sees its purpose as to “increase the visibility of SIOP, SIOP members, and I-O psychology to business leaders, HR professionals, undergraduate students and the general public.”1

Wurtz worked with then-chair of Visibility, Nikki Blacksmith, and Alyssa Gradus to create the template in February of 2020. Intended for use on official SIOP presentations, it is available for download from the SIOP website Governance page. It combines a crisp, on-brand layout with helpful tips for formatting your presentations, including your data visualizations, for most impact.

Although the SIOP-branded template should only be used for official presentations, the included layout ideas and presentation tips could be useful for anyone. Wurtz said, “There are a lot of slide options that give presenters the opportunity to present information in different ways so that it doesn’t seem like the same old slide repeating itself over and over. I would also look into downloading “Power User,” which provides tons of infographics and chart options to spice up any presentation.” (Power User is a third-party add-on that can be found at powerusersoftwares.com.)

Next, the Visibility Branding Subcommittee is planning a SIOP e-book template that all committees will be able to use. “With the current workforce moving to a more remote space, we thought it was needed to create options to share information over the Internet and provide information in an electronic format,” Wurtz said.

The other subcommittees in this group of dedicated volunteers are Advocacy/Prosocial, HR/Business, Media, Metrics, and Students & Academia. The committee has four overarching goals for the fiscal year and these templates for committee use are some examples of their work to “Increase collaboration and partnership with other SIOP committees and with the SIOP Administrative Office.”

2020-2021 Visibility Committee Goals

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