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Lithuanian Psychological Association

Call for Papers

Lithuanian Psychological Association, the biggest psychologists association in Lithuania, consisting of more than 700 individual members, including psychologists working in state institutions, in private practice or academic field, organizes science and practice based organizational psychology conference: when all three facets are important: WORK, EMPLOYEE AND ORGANIZATION. The conference celebrates its 10th anniversary and will be held on 20th of November of this year.

With the intention of encouraging the collaboration, interchange of knowledge and ideas between organizational and business psychologists, we kindly invite you to submit practical and scientific remote (online or pre-recorded) presentations.

Presentations may introduce topics related with work, employees and organization. Some of the suggestions are offered below:

• Coherence between work environment and performance of work;
• Attitude towards work and organization;
• Organizational, social and psichological factors which determine behaviour at work;
• Issues in the practical field and possible solutions;
• Methods which are used in practice and considered as workable; preventive and interventional solutions.

We kindly invite you to submit your summary of the presentation until 30th of October.

For more details please contact us via E-mail:

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