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Podcast Spotlight: Veteran's Value in the Civilian Workplace with Dr. Kristin Saboe

Whether you are connected to the military via professional or personal interests or hold no connection at all, be sure to take a moment on Veterans Day to reflect on what it means to put your country's safety, security, and values above all else in life. Family, friends, civilian career and aspirations, personal freedoms, mental and physical health, and comfort.  After reflection, please take a moment and thank a Veteran for their service and sacrifice.  And even better than saying thanks, do something to take action motivated by veterans' sacrifices by doing something – big or small – to serve your community for its greater good.

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day in the U.S.? November 11th was a day that was supposed to end all wars when a cease-fire between Allied nations and Germany was enacted in 1918 on the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour. As such, November 11th became known in many countries worldwide following World War I as Armistice Day. Veterans Day, in name only, is distinct to the United States.  In 1954, the United States expanded its Armistice Day focus, initially dedicated to World War veterans, and includes all veterans. With this presidential proclamation in the United States, Armistice Day became known as Veterans Day. 

SIOP is the home to many veterans, military family members, government civilians, federal contractors, military-focused researchers, and practitioners with expertise in military and veteran topics. Today, we are excited to feature a couple of our SIOP members who are both accomplished IOs and military veterans - Dr. Ben Baran and Dr. Kristin Saboe - as they share some of their expertise and experience via the Indigo Podcast. Check it out here!

In this podcast, you will hear Ben Baran and Chris Everett, Indigo Podcast co-hosts, discuss why military veterans make good civilian employees with Dr. Saboe. Dr. Saboe highlights her passion for service to the military and veteran communities, leveraging science to develop policies; and the future of veterans' employment in the United States.

Dr. Saboe is an Army veteran, industrial-organizational psychology scientist/practitioner, and 2019 President George W. Bush Veterans Leadership Program Fellow. Additionally, she is a 2020 SIOP Early Career Award winner. Dr. Saboe also sits on several national advisory councils focused on veterans' employment and occupational health of veterans, military spouses, and military family members. Additionally, she is the SIOP Military Veteran Initiative (MVI) Task Force Chair.

The Indigo Podcast offers raw, unfiltered, and science-based talk (translation – they have fun and laugh while talking science!) about flourishing in life. Future podcast episodes will host SIOPers Dr. Paul Spector and Dr. Scott Tannenbaum, among others.

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