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Voting Now Open on Four Sets of Amendments to the SIOP Bylaws

All SIOP Fellows and Members now have the opportunity to vote on four sets of amendments to the SIOP Bylaws as proposed during the September 25, 2020, meeting of the SIOP Executive Board.

In accordance with SIOP Bylaws Article IX, Section 1, a notice of these proposed bylaws changes was emailed to voting members at least 30 days before the scheduled vote. A summary of the amendments for consideration is being provided here for the benefit and information of all members.

The following amendment packages are up for a vote:

  1. Modern Governance Amendment – to resolve concerns regarding how the Society may transition leadership, conduct official business in the absence of in-person meetings, and related governing matters
  2. Dues Determination Amendment – to remove the prescriptive process regarding how membership dues rates may be set and altered
  3. Gender Inclusive Language Amendment – to ensure the Society is welcoming and inclusive of all members by eliminating gendered language in its governing documents
  4. Clean Up Amendment – to approve minor edits for clarity or correction only, without impacting the substance or intent of the surrounding language

Though detailed and voluminous, the purpose of each set of the edits is straightforward and essential. As President Georgia Chao has stated, “These amendments are benign changes intended to match the SIOP Bylaws to association best practices and compliance with nonprofit law. The SIOP Executive Board has fully embraced these governing improvements, and we seek the membership’s support to pass the amendments.”

The voting period will be December 2, 2020–January 1, 2021, with amendments going into effect immediately upon the close of the voting period if a majority affirmative vote is received among the votes cast. The vote is presented as separate in favor/against votes for each of the four amendment packages, so that the passing of one package is not dependent upon the passing of the other packages.

For complete details about each of the bylaws amendment packages, as well the line-item markup to the bylaws comprising the proposed amendments, and to vote, please visit the Proposed Bylaws Amendment Packages webpage.

If you have questions, please email Executive Director Tracy Vanneman at tvanneman@siop.org.

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