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Seeking unpublished data on effects of task rotation or job rotation on employees and organizations

Dear Colleagues,

For a meta-analysis on job rotation and task rotation, we are looking for (un)published data on the relationship between job or task rotation and effects on employees (e.g., satisfaction, health, performance, competence development) and organizations (e.g., innovativeness, financial performance, turnover).

If you have data from theses, working papers, dissertations, conference papers, or other unpublished texts, we would appreciate it if you could send it to us.

Ideally the corresponding raw data and/or:

  • Correlation between job/task rotation and the respective outcome (or Cohen's d, if it was, for example, a comparison between rotation/no rotation)
  • If more than one outcome was studied, the entire intercorrelation table is also welcome
  • Information on the operationalization and data collection method of the constructs
  • If available: Reliabilities of the constructs
  • Information about the study design
  • Sample size
  • Sample details: age, gender, nationality, time of data collection

Please send the data/text to lisa.mlekus@uni-bielefeld.de

And please feel free to forward this message to others who might potentially have data.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Lisa Mlekus and Günter W. Maier

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