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Must-see International and Cross-Cultural Conference Sessions

The SIOP International Affairs Committee (IAC) has compiled the following list of must-see international and cross-cultural 2021 SIOP Annual Conference sessions to help registrants with scheduling. All times are listed in Central Time.

In addition to these events, the committee invites registrants to join them from 6 to 7 p.m. CT Friday, April 16 for the International Reception. Details will be available in Whova closer to the event.

Wednesday, April 14
Poster Room A – 50 minutes

  • 9 a.m.: The Stereotype Content of Trustworthy Colleagues and Supervisors Across 11 Nations
  • 9 a.m.: Revisiting the Cultural Syndromes of Feedback Seeking: A Self-Motives Perspective
  • 9 a.m.: Pre- and Post-Design Investigation of Psychological Contract Breach Incongruence
  • 9 a.m.: Antecedents of Vietnamese Workers’ Attitude Toward Women as Managers
  • 12 p.m.: Dissimilarity and Thriving: The Moderating Role of Cultural Intelligence
  • 12 p.m.: The Role of Cultural Diversity in Spaceflight
  • 1 p.m.: Outcomes of (Dis)Trust in Supervisors: The Moderating Role of Cultural Profiles
  • 3 p.m.: Examining the Structural Validity of Vocational Interest in 46 Countries

Poster Room B – 50 minutes

  • 9 a.m.: A Taxonomy of Challenging Cross-Cultural Situations in the Workplace
  • 10 a.m.: Exploring the Effects of Gender and Societal Culture on Leader Bottom-Line Mentality
  • 11 a.m.: Virtual Reality for Developing Realistic Self-Assessment of Intercultural Competence
  • 12 p.m.: A Cross-Cultural Study of the Negative Wording Factor in Multidimensional Scales
  • 1 p.m.: Personality and the Accumulation of Challenging Experience: A Multicultural Study

Thursday, April 15

  • 3:30 p.m.: Post-COVID19 Opportunities for People in the New Global World of Work (80min)
  • 5 p.m.: Post-COVID19: Societies and Organizations in the new Global World of Work (80min)

Friday, April 16

  • 8 a.m.: New Trends in Workplace Psychology From Around the World
  • (Coffee Hour Special Event)
  • 9 a.m.: Pivoting in Pandemic: Lessons Learned from Employee Feedback in Crisis (Symposium - 50min)
  • 10 a.m.: Calling All Professionals, Students, and Faculty: The Fulbright Is for You! (Alternative session - 80min)
  • 1:30 p.m.: EB Ten Years as an NGO: Reflecting on SIOP’s Partnership With the United Nations (Special Event - 50min)
  • 1:30 p.m.: Beyond AI and Automation: (Often Overlooked) Challenges for the Future of Work (Alternative session - 50min)
  • 5 p.m.: Teaching Cultural Differences in Cognitive Test Scores: Challenges and Best Practices (Panel Discussion - 80min)

Saturday, April 17

  • 9 a.m.: International Students in I-O Psychology: Sharing Experiences and Providing Support (Alternative Session - 50min)


  • Essential Competencies for I-O Psychologists’ International/Global Engagements (80min)
  • Navigating Change in Work: Economic, I-O, and Global Staffing Perspectives
  • (50min)
  • Cross-Boundary Competence: Streamlining Lessons From Culture and Diversity (50min)
  • When Culture Counts: Multilevel Insights Into the Global Workforce (50min)
  • Personnel Selection in International Context: Current and Ongoing Challenges
  • (50min)
  • Preparing Leaders for the Unpredictable: Leadership Development in a VUCA World
  • (80min)
  • I-O Hacks the United Nations: Breaking Into the UN Sustainable Development Goals (80min)

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved with IAC, email iac@siop.org.

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