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Top 10 Work Trends: Q1 Round Ups From Topic Champions

At the end of 2020, SIOP conducted its annual survey to identify the Top 10 Work Trends for 2021. These trends, identified by SIOP members who are experts in applied science at work, were announced in January.  And, in February, we introduced the Trend Champions who will be monitoring the latest developments in research and practice on each of these trends throughout 2021:

10.       Virtual learning – Stacey Boyle
9.         Building cultures of agility and adaptability – Ken DeMeuse
8.         Changing nature of work – Eric Sydell
7.         Work–life integration – Angie McDermott
6.         Team effectiveness - across virtual and distributed environments – Gordy Curphy
5.         Social justice – Payal Beri
4.         Inclusive practices to get, keep and grow talent – Kisha Jones
3.         Implementing strategies and measuring progress on DEI and belonging – Tony Cooley
2.         Employee health, well-being, wellness, and safety – Maryana Arvan and Keaton Fletcher
1.         Remote work and flexible work arrangements – Lindsey Wuerfel

During the month of March, our Trend Champions compiled highlights on their respective trends that occurred during Q1, along with some resources coming in Q2, for anyone interested in staying on the leading edge of these trends.

Although you’re certain to learn a lot from each of the Q1 Round Ups, be sure to check out Angie McDermott’s report out on Trend #7: Work–Life Integration. With COVID-19 vaccinations well underway in most developed economies around the globe, more in-person schooling planned or already in progress, and many companies announcing the re-opening plans for offices, employers and employees are once again shifting to a different way of working, which is impacting how we all integrate work and life.

You’ll find many sessions addressing these trends covered during the 2021 SIOP Annual Conference, which will be held entirely virtually, offering an expanded schedule of live synchronous sessions, plenaries, and interactive receptions in mid-April, alongside a rich array of asynchronous sessions for convenient on-demand viewing during and after. If you haven’t already registered, there’s still time. You won’t want to miss the roundtable session focused exclusively on the Top 10 Work Trends, taking place from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. CT Friday, April 16.

Are you using your I-O psychology expertise to conduct research related to these Top 10 Work Trends? Or are you applying your scientific knowledge to help organizations address these Top 10 Work Trends? If so, reach out to our Visibility Media Subcommittee Chair, Heidi Glickman to share. We would be thrilled to feature your impactful contributions in our next Quarterly Round Up!

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