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Volunteers wanted for ECC Website Improvement Sub-Committee

Play a pivotal role in helping SIOP improve its website!

The Electronic Communications Committee is seeking 10-12 volunteers to join their Website Improvement Subcommittee!

Who: Any SIOP member ready to roll up their sleeves and assist with our SIOP website improvement efforts. We're especially looking for good "people persons" and those with survey and focus group-running experience. 

What: Donate 3-6 hours of your time to conduct user experience (UX) interviews with SIOP members to better understand what works, what doesn’t, and what our members would like to see on the website

Where: Via Zoom

When: The month of May (all data collection must be completed due by June 1)

Why: To play a pivotal role in helping SIOP improve its website so it better serves its members and strategic goals. You are welcome to stay on with the ECC Website Sub-Committee for the 2021-22 year if you'd like, as well!  

If interested, please contact ECC Chair Victoria Mattingly at victoria@mattinglysolutions.com

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