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Conference Offerings Curated for Disability/Neurodiversity Interest

The Disability, Inclusion, and Accessibility Ad Hoc Committee has compiled the following list of 2021 SIOP Annual Conference sessions for registrants interested in disability and neurodiversity topics:

Synchronous (Live)
Wednesday April 14:

  • 9am CST, 50-min, poster: Undervaluing the Disabled Employee: Effect of Disability on Perceptions of Potential (Poster Room B; Program Number 153)
  • 3pm CST, 50-min, poster: Youth With Disabilities (YwD) at Work: Strategy Use During Disability Disclosure (Poster Room B; Program Number 164)
  • 3pm CST, 50-min, poster: Coworker Incivility, Loneliness, and Work Outcomes: Does Relational Identity Matter? (Poster Room B, Program Number 164)
  • 4pm CST, 50-min, poster: Transit Worker Perceptions of Employer COVID-19 Response and Mental Health Correlates (Poster Room A, Program Number 166)

Thursday, April 15:

  • 11:30am-12:20pm CST: SIOP LIVE Interactive Break: Making SIOP More Accessible: Conferences, Networking and Beyond with DIAC (Disability Inclusion and Accessibility Committee)

Friday, April 16:

  • 10-11:20am CST: Thinking Outside the Box: I-Os Improving Employment for Neurodiverse Individuals LIVE Virtual Alternative Session (Room 3)
  • 3:30-4:50pm CST: EB The State of SIOP D&I: A Panel Discussion With SIOP’s D&I Committee Chairs LIVE Virtual Special Event (Room 1)

Saturday, April 17:

  • 9-9:50am CST: Advancing our Understanding of Mental Illness at Work LIVE Virtual Symposium (Room 4)
  • 10am-11:20am CST: Identity Management Strategy Effectiveness and Theory Generation for a Virtual World LIVE Virtual Symposium (Room 3)

Asynchronous (on-demand)

  • Workplace Inclusion Considerations for Persons with Serious Mental Illness (Symposium)
  • Leveraging Clinical Psychology to Advance I-O Psychology (80-min, Symposium)
  • Thirty Years of the ADA: Current State and Way Forward (80-min, Alternative Session)
  • Important but Unexamined: Lessons from Niche and Intersectional Employees (80-min, Symposium)

Conference content can be accessed via Whova beginning the afternoon of Tuesday, April 13.

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