Amber Stark

Member Spotlight: Morrie Mullins

Position/Employer: Professor/Department Chair, Xavier University School of Psychology

Interest area(s): Selection and assessment, humanitarian work psychology

What sparked your interest in I-O psychology?
I think that like a lot of I-Os, I wanted to help people but didn’t feel like a clinical path was a good fit. I took an I-O class my junior year of college (taught by an instructor with an MSW) and realized that if I wanted to help the largest number of people with my work, I-O was a great way to go. Almost everybody has to work, after all!

What role do you see I-O psychology playing in the future of work?
We have the opportunity to shape the processes that shape work, going forward. If we can retain and enlarge our voice, and help organizations recognize the value we bring when we have a “seat at the table,” our scientific, evidence-based approach to improving work can make huge contributions.

Which of the Top 10 Work Trends for 2021 do you most strongly relate to and how can I-O psychology practitioners, educators, and students impact this trend?
This is a really tough question! I look at the Top 10 list, and I’m struck by how many of them relate to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). My work as part of the SIOP United Nations Committee, and as our I-O program’s representative to the UN Global Compact, has me thinking about these a lot. So, I look at the list and think, “Well, 5, and 8, and 3, and 2 and 4, and… hrmm” In terms of what I’m focused on right now, it’s probably “Social Justice,” which is to me the overarching theme of the SDGs, and issues related to employee health and wellness. If there’s one thing that has become clear to me over the past year, it’s that we all need to get better at taking care of one another, and that starts with taking care of ourselves.

How long have you been a SIOP member?
About 20 years.

What roles have you had within SIOP?
I’ve been a conference reviewer every year since I joined (and probably when I was a doctoral student). I’ve served on the Education and Training Committee, various Awards subcommittees, and was editor of TIP for 3 years. And, as I noted previously, I’m currently part of the SIOP UN Committee.

What is one of your favorite SIOP Annual Conference memories/highlights?
The easy answer? The year we shared New Orleans with the Pirate Convention.

What advice would you give to students or early practitioners?
I-O isn’t just one thing. Find your “space” within it, and don’t be afraid to try new things if the space you currently occupy doesn’t feel quite right.

Please share one non-I-O-related bit of information about yourself.
I have beaten the 14.5-foot Warped Wall.

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