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Registration Is Open for the SIOP/CARMA Open Science Virtual Summer Series

Registration for the SIOP/CARMA Open Science Virtual Summer Series is now open. This series is free for SIOP members.

The overall focus of the workshop series is to introduce and teach attendees about open science practices that are widely believed to help researchers produce studies that are better planned and understood by all collaborators involved; more transparent and reproducible; and more accessible, useful, and impactful to the research and practice communities interested in the research. The virtual workshops will be hosted via CARMA’s resources (i.e., Zoom), and attendees can choose to attend any or all virtual workshops.

Proposed topics for each workshop are provided below and indicate the specific focus of discussion for the (a) morning and (b) afternoon sessions:

  • Workshop 1 (May 19): (a) What is open science? (b) Accelerating robust research in the organizational sciences
  • Workshop 2 (May 26): (a) What is the Open Science Framework? (b) An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure: the various forms of preregistering research
  • Workshop 3 (June 2): (a) An open science workflow template; (b) reviewing with open science in mind (e.g., are findings reported transparently and in a reproducible manner?; not all results need to be significant for science to move forward; also how to review in a results-blind manner, consulting preregistrations; reviewing registered reports)
  • Workshop 4 (June 9): (a) The many ways of ensuring analytic reproducibility: from open code, to open data, to full computational reproducibility; (b) promoting open science and replication work
  • Workshop 5 (June 16): (a) How to have better conversations when making authorship decisions; (b) transparency and openness guidelines, preprints, and our publishing model

Learn more and register!

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