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SIOP Membership Committee Announces New SIOP Membership Demographics Dashboard

Submitted by the SIOP Membership Committee

We are delighted to share that the new SIOP Membership Demographics Dashboard is now available! SIOP members with an active account can access this fantastic new feature by logging into their account and finding the link under the Membership menu of the SIOP website.

In 2019, the SIOP Membership Committee took bold steps and created several subcommittees to better serve SIOP’s members. One of those was the Membership Analytics Subcommittee (MAS), which was formed to conduct regular analyses on the data collected through membership surveys and member profiles. These analyses fulfill membership data analysis requests from SIOP’s members as well as inform data-driven decisions to better the membership experience for all SIOP members. Since its inception, one of the goals of the MAS has been to share summaries of SIOP’s demographic data with the entire organization, which has been done through our TIP articles — check out Who and Where is SIOP and 10 Fun Facts about Members.

Based on overwhelmingly positive feedback, and to further scale and share demographic data, the MAS created a user-friendly dashboard where members can view aggregate demographic data on a variety of variables including gender, member type, highest degree earned, sector of employment, location, and field of study (e.g., I-O/Business Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources). The data are summarized across three visualization tabs and currently span the 2016 through 2020 membership years, where July 1 through June 30 of the following year define the membership year. The goal is to provide our members with a look into SIOP’s anonymized demographic make-up that will be updated annually.

We invite you to open the dashboard and review the data. As you do, you may notice that the dashboard includes key demographic data while also highlighting the percentage of membership data that are currently unspecified. To help improve the accuracy of the insights the MAS can provide, we need your help! Please ensure that you have provided your most up-to-date demographic information in your SIOP profile. To do so, please log into your account at, visit your account page, and select the Edit My Demographic Information link to fill in any blanks or make updates.

Do you have SIOP membership data requests for your committee or research efforts? Submit your data analysis request here. To learn more about the request process and the types of membership information that are available, please review SIOP’s Membership Data Governance Policy.

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