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Call for Comments: National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula (draft, 2021)

In accordance with Association Rule 30.8.3, the Board of Educational Affairs seeks public and member comments on the revised draft National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula (draft, 2021). These standards were developed by the National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula Working Group and provide learning benchmarks for the high school psychology course. Use of the term standards in this document is consistent with national practices in K-12 education when disciplinary societies, teacher organizations, or other non-regulatory groups develop benchmark learning objectives for curriculum development and assessment of student learning in particular subjects of study. Consistent with the use of the term standards in a secondary school setting, these standards are advisory. This is the third revision of the National Standards, which were first approved by the APA Council of Representatives in 1999.

Reviewers should note that this document outlines content, concepts, and skills appropriate for students age 14-18 to learn in an introductory psychology course. Furthermore, the Working Group has purposely drafted standards to be broad and avoided including lists of examples within these standards for teachers. The Working Group welcomes recommendations for resources that could be provided to teachers for further reading and detail. We welcome input, suggestions and commentary on the draft revised standards. Comments received will be shared with the Working Group for review and revision as needed.

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