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2022 SIOP Visionary Grant Award Letter of Intent Deadline Extended to July 1

What would you do if you had $100,000 to shape the future of work? Let us know by applying to the second round of the SIOP and the SIOP Foundation $100,000 grant to support I-O research and practice addressing visionary opportunities in the world of work.

Letters of Intent to apply for the grant are now due July 1, 2021.

The $100,000 Visionary Grant offers funding to I-O professionals and colleagues, enabling them to conduct visionary projects. By visionary, we mean that the project looks to the future of work, brings I-O psychology into another realm, asks new questions, and/or engages with other disciplines to create something new in terms of I-O praxis—the synthesis of knowledge and application without privileging either.

We are open to the form and topic of the project. All methods, from sophisticated and updated big data analyses to carefully conducted case studies, and from lab studies to the development of new tests and employee surveys and their validation, are welcome.

Nearly 100 people have become Visionary Circle donors in support of this exciting venture. These Visionary Circle Donors, each of whom has donated at least $1,000, will ultimately select the winning proposal. The grant will be awarded in conjunction with the 2022 SIOP Annual Conference in Seattle.

The first Visionary Circle Grant was awarded in 2020 to Susan Ashford, Brianna Barker Caza, and Brittany Lambert for their project “Working Off the Grid: Building Resilience in the GIG Economy.” An update on this project will be shared in a future issue of the Source.

You can join the Visionary Circle Donors for the 2022 round until January 30, 2022. Details on how to apply for the grant or become a Visionary Circle member can be found on the Visionary Circle webpage.

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