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Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge, Member Engagement Manager

Please welcome the newest members of the Sterling Circle, members of SIOP for 25 years!

Othman Alkhadher

Soon Ang

James Brooks

James Connolly

Paul Damiano

Mark Ehrhart

John Hausknecht

Wanda Hayes

Anne Holloway-Lundy

Megumi Hosoda

Cabot Jaffee

Eyran Kraus

Chris Kubisiak

Linda Montgomery

Joan Pastor

Kathie Pelletier

Kevin Reindl

Janet Rhoton

Quinetta Roberson

Charles Scherbaum

Robert Schmieder

Joann Sorra

Piers Steel

Matthew Such

Jennifer Verive

David Watterson

Guillermo Yaber Oltra

“I love how SIOP offers unique networking opportunities at the annual conference…those informal meetings in particular could lead to promising collaborations."

Shahnaz Aziz, PhD
I/O Psychology Program Director
East Carolina University
Distinguished Professor for Teaching
SIOP Member since 1999

Please welcome these new professional members of SIOP.

Ayesha Abdulla

Joshua Andrews

Jessalyn Arnold

Jeffrey Auerbach

Jonah Bader

Henning Bang

Cheryl Batchelor

Lucy Beaumont

Gary Behrens

Sreyoshi Bhaduri

Poppy Boothroyd

Jacqui Brassey

Danielle Braunstein

Cassandra Brennand

Emily Burnett

Hunter Carlin-Ledrich

Randall Carman

Prithviraj Chattopadhyay

Theresa Chika-James

Anika Cloutier

Johanna Collier

Keri Collins

Crystal Connors

Natalie Cori

Michelle Corman

Johnna Cortopassi

Monique Daigneault

Jenna Daily

Hatim Daoud

Nicole Dennis

Veronica Derricks

Natalie Despiau

Chaston Dixon-Well

Alice Edwards

Kevin Galliers

Elizabeth George

Katherine Gerson

Angeline Gordon

Katherine Green

Bethany Grubbs

Elizabeth Guth

Cynthia Halliday

Alanna Harrington

Nikola Hartling

Josanna Herman

Greg Horan

Rachel Hutchinson

Heather Ikin

Ruth Imose

Natasha Jordan

Emily Killham

Jack Kostal

Jennifer Lam

Jenny Landsman

Julia Levesque

Andrea Lewis

Joi Lin

Hannah Liss

Yukun Liu

Pamela McLean

Danielle McWhirter

Mary Mescal

Betsy Moore

Frank Mu

Patti Naas

Sandra O'Connor

Kermit Olson

Kelsey Perkins

Matt Piszczek

Tim Quesnell

Chantal Ramirez Tapia

Mark Richards

Ariel Roberts

Kecia Rome

Tariq Shaban

Linda Singh

Rebecca Sledge

Douglas Smith

Jonathan Stubblefield

Britany Telford

Gina Thaxton

Benjamin Theisen

Lisa Thomas

Joe Travoglino

Andrew Trechsel

Julie Truong

Yvonne Van Rossenberg

Erin Walker

Yongyue Wang

Shaun Wehle

Jonathan Weller

Myra West

Ashley Williams

T. Anika Wilson

Kimberly Wilson

Joseph Wohkittel



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