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Top 10 Work Trends: Q2 Round Ups from Topic Champions

The 2021 Top Work Trends, identified by SIOP members before the year began, remained in the forefront of the media, as well as in research and practice, during the second quarter of the year.  Our Topic Champions curated some of the most notable developments in our Q2 Round Ups, which you can read via the links below. Be sure to review each one to quickly learn how work trends have evolved during the first half of 2021, and what’s anticipated in the second half.  A few highlights follow below:

  • Trend #8: The Changing Nature of Work includes media coverage of SIOP member Anthony Klotz explaining and advising on strategies on “The Great Resignation” that has ensued in the United States recently, as people reflected (throughout the pandemic) on how their work contributes (or doesn’t) to happiness and meaning in their lives.
  • Trend #5: Social Justice includes mention of actions companies took as a result as the first anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, including Uber reaffirming its commitment to being an anti-racist company.
  • Trend #1: Remote Work and Flexible Work Arrangements includes commentary from SIOP member Cathleen Swody, discussing how companies are evolving their work from home strategies to be able to compete for the best talent.

Links to each Q2 Round Up follow below, as do links to get to know and connect with our Trend Champions. If you’re contributing to research or practice, or if you’re featured in the media, be sure to reach out, so that your contributions can be incorporated into next quarter’s round ups.

#10         Virtual learning Stacey Boyle
#9           Building cultures of agility and adaptability Ken DeMeuse
#8           Changing nature of work Eric Sydell
#7           Work life integrationAngie McDermott
#6           Team effectiveness - across virtual and distributed environments Gordy Curphy
#5           Social justiceDyan Ferraris
#4           Inclusive practices to get, keep and grow talentKisha Jones
#3           Implementing strategies and measuring progress on DEI and belongingTony Cooley
#2           Employee health, well-being, wellness, and safety Maryana Arvan and Keaton Fletcher
#1           Remote work and flexible work arrangementsLindsey Wuerfel

At the end of 2020, SIOP conducted its annual survey to identify the Top 10 Work Trends for 2021. These trends, identified by SIOP members, who are experts in applied science at work, were announced in January. In February, we introduced the Trend Champions who will be monitoring the latest developments in research and practice on each of these trends throughout the year. In April, we shared Q1 Work Trend Round Ups; and now, we are sharing happenings from Q2. Be sure to tune in in subsequent quarters to stay abreast of trend developments  

Are you using your I-O psychology expertise to conduct research related to these Top 10 Work Trends? Or are you applying your scientific knowledge to help organizations address these Top 10 Work Trends? If so, reach out to our Visibility - Media Subcommittee Chair, Heidi Glickman, to share. We would be thrilled to feature your impactful contributions in our next Quarterly Round Up!

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