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SIOP Fellowship Nominations Due Nov. 1

In an effort to recognize unusual and outstanding contributions to I-O psychology, SIOP invites members to nominate colleagues for SIOP Fellowship.

Fellowship recognizes SIOP members whose research identifies solutions to workplace problems, whose practice changes the course of the field, and whose teaching guides the next generation of I-O psychology. Fellowship is one of the highest honors a member can receive.

Do you have a colleague who has impacted the field of I-O in a truly meaningful way? Nominate them for SIOP Fellowship! Fellowship is open to individuals who work in any I-O topic area or employment setting.

Nominations will be accepted through Monday, Nov. 1. The Fellowship Committee will review all nominations and make recommendations to the Executive Board. New Fellows will be announced in conjunction with the 2022 SIOP Annual Conference.

Nominees must be current SIOP Members at the time of nomination, have been Members for the previous 2 years, and have accumulated 10 years of professional membership in SIOP; their contributions must have had meaningful, sustained, and unusual impact on the field of industrial and organizational psychology; and they must be nominated by another SIOP Member or Fellow. Self-nomination is not permitted.

“Now is the time to identify colleagues who have made outstanding contributions to our field and initiate the process of putting together a nomination package,” said Stephanie Payne, chair of the Fellowship Committee. “The nominee will need to prepare a self-statement and submit a CV, and the nominator will need to prepare a 1-2 page nomination letter and solicit up to 6 supporting letters from SIOP members and Fellows.”

SIOP recognizes that outstanding contributions to the profession may come from all areas of I-O psychology and represent the range of practice, research, teaching, administration, and service in the variety of settings in which industrial-organizational psychologists work.

Fellow status is not simply based on adding up how many criteria are represented in a nominee’s curriculum vitae. Similarly, recognition as a SIOP Fellow is not simply a matter of competency nor is it recognition of a steady and active career in I-O. Rather, Fellow status specifically recognizes unusual and outstanding contributions that have an important impact on I-O psychology.

Each nominee is considered individually; there is no quota or percentage of Fellows. The Fellowship Committee takes very seriously its obligation to make sure that outstanding SIOP members are recognized, balanced by the realization that Fellowship is a significant honor, highly valued by all members of SIOP.

Complete requirements and procedures, as well as a helpful timetable and examples of contributions, can be found online.

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