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Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge, Member Engagement Manager

Please welcome the newest members of the Sterling Circle, members of SIOP for 25 years!

Gary Allen
Scott Bedwell
Andra Brooks
Julie Cincotta
Richard Cober
Kelly Dages
Paul DeKoekkoek
James Diefendorff
Steven Fehr
Kenneth Graham
Joseph Greenberg
Lynn Harland
Michael Hudy
Sylvia Hysong
Jeffrey Jolton
Dawn Lambert
Michael Lindemann
Kathleen Mosier
Casey Mulqueen
Jason Myers
Leissa Nelson
Noelle Newhouse
Scott Oppler
Kevin Plamondon
Eduardo Rodela
Robert Satterwhite
Kelley Slack

Please welcome these new professional members of SIOP.

Allen Abbott
Teresa Aires
Mary Amundson
Mikhail Attong
Katherine Barteck
Stacey Boyle
Jenisa Caban
Jessica Carre
Nicola Cary
Cynthia Cole
Beth Corcoran
Anna Dawson
Veronica De Leon
Monica Dittfurth
Laurie Drake
Jon Feil
Patrick Flynn
Nahanni Freeman
Gilbert Fugitt
Juan-Maria Gallego-Toledo
Erin Greilick
Christine Haskell
Jerrilyn Henderson
Annika Hillebrandt
Reba Holley
Tabitha Hubbling
Britta Ingwersen
Kirsten Kirchofer
Danielle Klarman
Renee Lutz
Rachel Makai
Kimberly McCann
Kristen McSweeney
Adiza Musah
Joshua Musicante
Winnie Nagle
Wai Hung Thomas Ng
Eduardo Ortega
Edgar Papke
Samantha Parnham
Stephanie Perrone
Jeremy Pike
Chris Sablynski
Ishmeet Sethi
Hayley Skulborstad
Brandon Smith
Ben Smytheman
Kathryn Solook
Swati Srivastava
Elizabeth Stevens
Laura Stokes
Dee Strbiak
Parker Thomas
Michelle Truesdale
Joseph Ungemah
Jose Valentin
Sandra VelezCandelario
Alan Whitehead
Lissa Williams
Katria Williams

Les Wright
Leila Zaghloul-Daly
Jin-long Zhu
Richard Zonderman


I love SIOP because it helps me feel connected to others in this amazing, challenging field!   I also love the opportunity to give back as a member of the Ambassador Program Subcommittee that literally tries to help people new to the Annual Conference feel at home and comfortable within the SIOP community. 

Jenna-Lyn Roman
Associate Consultant: Talent Metrics, LLC
Communications Lead: Ambassador Program Subcommittee
SIOP Associate Member
Joined 2015
































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